Saturday, January 31, 2009

Everyone Should Have One

Don't mind the mess. I call it Hazard House. Trying to make room for the new set up that's going to happen over the weekend. Someone bought the coffee table I've been mentally painting for the last that made me sad. BUT, I totally found a set of mini lanterns that I was going to buy at another place for half the price! The exact same ones! I was like "Woo! Grab those up!" except I didn't say that at all. Seriously though? I'm not poor or anything but I swear to you Goodwill had these really nice (but mostly just decorative) serving platters and these super cute decorative colored glass bottles (I guess it helps that there are always people moving back to the mainland and want to unload their goods before they go) that I oh so wanted but because I couldn't pin-point to the husband where I planned on putting them right then..I couldn't take them. :( I'll be back!

Anyway, so Hazard House is being all hazardy and we bought the new tv (on which we got a super awesome 20% off deal because it was a floor model and we were a few hundred bucks?? Hecks yes!) but we still have yet to find a tv stand that isn't all bachelor-esque because I don't roll that way. O did in a former single man life..but not this girl. Big chunky cozy furniture, please. Anyway. So that's all waiting to be set up but because we saved so much money on the tv and they had Wii Fits in stock? We got one. And let me tell's fun. It's fun and tiring and sweaty sometimes..but it's worth the $90 for sure. I was doing this running challenge thing and I'm over here panting like "I'm dying..I'm dying. Oh my gosh..I think I'm having a heart attack. Orion. Orion..I think I'm dying. Water. Woo!!" And then Orion's little Mii character jogged up to me and I was all "hey! I know you!" and fake flirted all the way to the finish line. Reoww. says my fitness age is 46 (ya know..from the initial assessment with the balance and all of that.). What the heck?!?! Sure..pick on the chubby girl. Orion's is 29. Pshh..kissass. It's okay, and you, Wii Fit, we made goals.

But it's fun. I snuck a couple of pictures of Orion doing some of the yoga poses (it gives you a few and the better you get..or the more time you spend using it..the more poses you open up). Hahaha..he's so cute! ACU's and all. Awww!

I could just bite his butt. All fluffy and firm and what not *smack*! Dang.
Anyway. Had to share Orion in his vulnerable state.
I'm off to snuggle!


Sarah said...

What a bummer they didn't have that table anymore! I was all looking forward to seeing pics of it all painted by Abby and ready to go! :( Awesome deal though getting a discount on the tv. That's the best.

Seeing these pics make me want to go try out my sister's Wii fit. I'm curious what my fitness age is.

Jenna Consolo said...

I want a Wii Fit! First, I would have to get a Wii, but I've heard all kinds of good things about the Wii Fit. Sounds fun.

Nothin' so sexy as a man doing yoga.