Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More pictures..but these are of the new house

I'm pretty excited right now. They just dropped off our trash can and recycling bin (woo! They actually recycle here unlike Pearl Harbor! It irritated me beyond words to be the ones setting everything aside and making those extra trips every week. It's like..just put a can out there! This girl likes to recycle.). So now all of the trash and boxes and what not from the move can finally be moved out of the garage and laundry room (not that we have a washer and dryer yet..but we will before the weekend) and hauled away.

So I took a few pictures of the house yesterday. Or some of the house. Our bedroom still pretty much looks the same. Bigger closet and bathroom..but the set up's the same so I don't think that matters. And I'm working on the downstairs bathroom and making it cute so I'm not going to take pictures of that till it's done. I'm pretty bummed that they said no to the painting of the walls. I'd even gone to Home Depot and picked out my colors! The downstairs bathroom was going to be a lovely shade called "Frog Pad"! I was going to make it a little vintage powder room! It would have been DARLING! But no. No paint. Jerks. At first they said we could paint as long as we paid a $250 re-painting fee when we moved out. Shoot..I'd do that. But when I asked the woman in person she said they'd changed the policy the week before and painting is no longer allowed. Boo!!!!!

Anyway, so it's not all done yet..I still have curtains to hang and more stuff to put up and plans..PLANS!! But for now..this is what's going on:

I have yet to move the armoir to hang the curtains behind it

I want to get a couple of saddle stools..and a bright red heart wreath for over the sink..and a couple of bright red kissing balls for over the saddle stools and breakfast bar area. Just a few pops of red..ya know..for sexiness. It's in my mind, man..I know how I want this place to look. It just takes time..and money.

looking into the living room and dining room (of which I didn't take any pictures of because it's pretty much the same as the old house)

For the record..I didn't see that Orion put that Afghanistan spider thing on top of the shelf. The trophy also needs to be moved.

looking down from the top of the stairs.

The boys'/guest bathroom

They're sharing a room again. Last time with both of them having their own was just too much bareness, Maddox had all of the toys in his room because Calix would play with them instead of napping and blah blah ya know..they're just going to share a room. They're 3 and not even 2 and don't need their own rooms yet.

No curtains up yet..and I'm still debating whether I should or not because of the views. We'll see.

I mean..that's pretty much it. No pictures of the craft room/guest room yet because it's still under construction of sorts. It'll be put together before the week is out though. I don't think anyone needs to see the insides of closets or anything like that..but we do have them. Haha.'s a work in progress. We've been working pretty hard this last week what with the moving (one day was spent hauling the smaller stuff and boxes from the old house to this one in the van..the next day the U-haul and a bunch of O's buddies and some dirty privates came and moved all of the big heavy furniture ("Delgado, stop buying heavy furniture! Get something at least it'll be light!") and then that night I went back and deep cleaned the old house and then the next morning was final touch-ups and the final inspection (I forgot to rinse out the trashcan and they seriously charged us $25 for it and Orion had no other choice but to mow the lawn and trim the edges in the night (because winter = rain here)..where the trimmer died so that was more than halfway done and we got charged $25 for that..but everything else was perfect and was "one of the best houses they've seen" which worries me everytime I hear that because it's like..just WHAT do people DO to these houses?!?! JEEZE!) and all of that..but I do have plans to stop by the craft store this weekend..see what they have to offer.

Golly gee I talk too much. I've just missed ya'll so much!

Hey mom! Mom and David! You guys..listen. Listen. Are you listening? Okay..keep listening. Don't make any plans for the morning of the 15th. I've made reservations to take you guys on a whale watching cruise. Guaranteed whale sightings. I'm calling it mom's birthday present. If you HAVE made plans for the morning/afternoon of the 15th..let me know and I can reschedule. I wanted to keep it a surprise..but golly dang it..I get too excited! Neither of you are allowed to wuss out, either. You're going. It's paid're going.


Hannah said...

"and some dirty privates"

hmmmm... nah. Too easy.

Hannah said...

The house looks great Abby! Seriously. And oooh! A whale watch? Sounds rad.

Abby said...

Oh golly, Han. Yeah..ya know..private first classes. The new guys.

I don't know what's worse..the dirty privates or the kissing balls? They both sound so bad hahah!

David said...

Whales? Whales!

I've always wanted to see whales.

Thanks so much, Abby.

YogaNana said...

WHALES!!!!!!!!!! I would LOVE to see whales! How do they guarantee they'll show up? Do they have some under contract or what? Oh, however they do it, I shall be very glad to load up on anti-seasick meds and go see them.

House is cute!

But --- WHALES!

Abby said...

January through March is the Humpback whales' mating season here in Hawaii. They guarantee it by if you don't see them..your next trip is free. Free until you see them. So I'm just hoping hoping we get to spot some! I mean..who DOESN'T want to see whales??? The kids are super excited!

Sarah said...

YAY! For new house pics! Are those marble countetops or just really nice laminate ones? Either way, they look better than our bluish colored laminate. But as I keep telling myself...renters can't be choosers, right?

Love the pic on the fridge...who are those adorable children?! (teehee) Ok, I'm biased, but whatever!

Trenton spotted (before I even click to enlarge the picture) the Cars rug on your boys' bedroom floor. He asked "Do they have the same carpet as me and Camden?" I didn't think it was because in the top picture, there's a spot on the right hand side that looks like a lion laying there, so I figured it was a rug w/zoo like animals. But I tell ya, kids are very observant! He picked it right out and couldn't believe that someone else has it too! Silly kids!

As far as your fees...I wish all we "owed" for our last house was $50. It was near perfect (well as perfect as a house w/4 kids can be after living in it for 2 1/2 years) when we moved out and they found all sorts of things to charge us for. I thought it would just be for the backyard, because it was in serious need of a makeover, and the blinds. We did buy some blinds and tried to replace them, but they were mounted completely different than what we've dealt with before, so we ended up just taking back the new ones and decided we'd let them bill us. The place was rather filthy when we moved in, so leaving it better than what we got was not too difficult but still, they "found" $1600 or so worth of stuff to bill us for. They won't see any of it though because it was all just completely ridiculous. Like a tree that someone decided to come and chop down and leave sitting there...after we had already moved out. They wanted us to pay $600 for the removal of that. They can send us to collections.

Anyway, sorry to have rambled on so long here!

P.S. Be sure to take plenty of whale pics. That sounds very fun!

Abby said...


I'm not entirely sure what the counter tops are. They're not laminate ones though..I know that much. Maybe marble..maybe even granite. I don't know too much about these sorts of things. But I am glad they seem to have wisened up to the fact that laminate counters just don't last as long as marble or granite. I always told Orion if the military just plopped the money down in the beginning..they wouldn't have to spend so much throughout the years replacing the ones that people have destroyed. Perhaps someone got the memo.

Yeah, that's a Cars rug in the boys' bedroom. No lion on it though. I think that's a diner or something that you're spotting. I'd have to go up to double check. Okay, it's a motel. Good eye, Trenton!

And yep! Your kids are on my is Kyler..Crystal's son. Because you send picture cards every year..or a picture with your cards..your babies seem to be on my fridge more than others. They are pretty adorable though, so they can continue to be up there.

About the move out costs or whatever.. when Oahu had that island wide blackout the day after Christmas, Orion lit all of these candles and when he carried them to our room he spilled wax EVERYWHERE. A huge trail of wax going from the living room to the bedroom. I was miffed. Wax on carpets isn't all that easy to get out..if you can get it out at all. I just KNEW they were going to charge us a carpet replacement fee..but Orion somehow convinced the woman doing the walk through that 'oh yeah, that totally comes out' and so we got out of it. But I have this feeling a lovely bill will be placed in our mailbox shortly. Oy.

Jenna Consolo said...

Lovely house! Everything looks great. Oh, and my opinion? (like you asked, right?) The boys never need their own rooms. How lonely.

Whale watching will be a blast! We did that in Alaska and it was incredible.

Tamara said...

I'm obsessed with your bathroom!!!!! I love love the shower curtains and the bath towels.. <3

hilary said...

Congrats on the new house! It's beautiful!!