Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas Morning 2008

Christmas morning! I'm such a kid still. I'm the one who has a hard time sleeping even though I know what pretty much everything under the tree is. I'm the one who wakes up around 5 and is all "okay, O! Let's go!" and he's the one who says "no..the kids aren't even up yet. It's too early" and then I struggle with sleep again until at 6:45 when I just can't take it anymore. I love Christmas. There it is..I said it. Not for the gifts. For the excitement. For traditions. For the fear in my childrens' eyes when I go barging in their rooms early in the morning because "Woooo!!!! Wake up!!! Wake up it's Christmas!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!" They're welcome.

Christmas Wake Up 2008! from xximojoangelxxi on Vimeo.

As soon as Maddox saw that lion was for him, he was done. He grabbed it..hugged it..and walked away. We literally had to drag him back to open a couple of his other presents. He wanted nothing to do with it. He had a lion and didn't want or need anything else.

That bear is so snuggly!

The coolest piggy bank ever. My kids didn't have real piggy banks so that was on my list of things to get them this year. I found these trendy super cute banks on Amazon.com. I picked this one for Calix and this one for Maddox

A shake and go type car from Orion's mom

It's Not Easy Being a Bunny from Nana

The coolest dragon book ever from Nana

I wanted a cake stand...and a pie plate. I can't believe I've been married for this long and still didn't have a pie plate, either.

Memory (which he totally loves and is getting awesomely awesome at)..we also got him Hi Ho Cherry Oh (which we have yet to play..but we will..we will. Just been busy.)

An extra Wii remote! This can mean only one thing.

Mom got me the entire Harry Potter dvd set. I knowwwwww..I didn't own *any* of them.

Wall-e!! That movie is preciously awesome. I go around talking like EVE "OoO-eeeee!!!!"
Also pictured Pictureka (which Jenna suggested..and we totally love)..and Boggle.

Night at the Museum

On Maddox's list of wishes this year..was a fire truck. And while I couldn't find a truly awesome one..he still loves the one he got instead.


This was Orion's special Christmas moment. See..we weren't doing a huge crazy Christmas this year. And because he was home and is the one handling finances now..I couldn't just go out and buy whatever whenever. I had to be top secret ninja about this. He's been asking for a bluetooth all year. He thought he was getting one for his birthday..but got a few shirts instead. I had it during his birthday..but was holding off. Every week or so, he'd go into the big closet where we were keeping the presents and see what was for him. I had Boggle and Pictureka wrapped up and his name was on them. He thought he was only getting games. Hahaha. Little did he know that I had a few other presents stashed away in my dresser. I taped the bottom of the bluetooth box to the inside of a shirt box..so if he shook it..nothing would happen. It was the very last present he opened for himself and honestly thought it was another game or clothes or something. But it wasn't! He was more excited than this picture lets on. He was all "yes!!!! Cuddle! How did you do this?!?! You said there wasn't enough money!!" Of course I did. It's what all wives/mothers say. Look, ya know..if it's the onnneeeee thing he wants? The thing he's been asking and asking for? Of course he's going to get it. But of course I'm also going to let on that he didn't. It's just how it works.

Calix..I think he takes after grandpa Baker. His love of building things goes beyond just being a boy with blocks. He creates things that I swear to you..could be those huge metal art pieces outside of museums. Or the museum itself. Before we moved, he was talking about the new house and then seriously built (in blocks) our new housing community. He then parked cars in the backs of the houses next to the garages..just like these houses. The kid absolutely amazes me!

That would be a Cricut. And if you've never heard of it..I'll have to just go ahead and ask you where you've been. Don't you watch infomercials?? It's the greatest tool *ever*! I've been busy creating since Christmas morning.

Yay! A Wii! Wii Fit was constantly sold out all over the island since October. So we didn't end up buying one of those. Yet.

After all of the presents under the tree were opened..I got up to go make breakfast (sweet rolls with vegetarian bacon and sausage) and Orion was all "babe..you forgot something" "I did? Oh yeah!!!!" You can't see what's in the ornament..but he got me the most gorgeous pair of diamond and pearl hoop earrings! That husband..he's good.


"I'm jumping, mommy! mommy, I'm jumping!"

I felt good about the gifts this year. They got so swamped with toys last year..and I didn't want another year like that so instead of boatloads of toys..they got 1 or 2 toys they wanted..a few games, a bunch of new clothes, movies, books and a couple of items mom and dad thought they should have. I wanted to get them hippity hops or a Rody..but perhaps next year!

Also hey..if you have a Wii..go get Endless Ocean. Do it. I've found just about all of the fish and other creatures so far..but I'm also addicted.

Pictures of the house in the next post. Maybe not till tomorrow..we'll see. Don't want to overload everyone!

Also.. Happy Birthday, Dylan!


Sarah said...

So much fun!

Hey, you had asked me about the cricut a while back and I feel bad cuz I never got back to you about it. The reason being, I had never used one, but I knew my sister had gotten a new machine of some sort and I wanted to check with her on it first before I said anything, and well, I just forgot! I did ask her about it, I just never got around to responding. But yes, that was what she got and she loves it. I guess it may be too late for that opinion to matter though. Glad you like it!

We got an Xbox this year but maybe a Wii will come next year. Of course by then, they'll have a newer Nintendo out...seems to be the way it goes.

Can't wait to see pics of the house!

Jenna Consolo said...

Oh, thanks for remembering Dylan-boy's birthday. He was with his dad...again...I never seem to get my kids on their birthdays. He's a teenager now! Officially!

Looks like a marvelous Christmas! Glad you guys like Pictureka! It's fun, isn't it? And adaptable for little guys.