Friday, January 09, 2009

A Rant

You know what bothers me more than it should? When people talk crap about me. Especially when they're lies.

Remember Chelsea? That horrid little thing. So..she was commenting on people's Myspace about how Briana barely says 4 words and how she took her to be evaluated and about how she had a friend who had a son who was 2 1/2 and barely talked at all and the words he did say weren't understandable. She said this "friend" (who is so obviously me because she didn't HAVE any other friends) never took her kid to get checked out and that she didn't care and it drove her crazy because how could someone be such a bad mother??

Hold up. EXCUSE ME????! I never took him to get checked out?? Whatwhatwhat?!?! I took him to be evaluated. I took him to early intervention. He had to go through a ton of testing before we even moved over seas! He was thoroughly examined, you ass. He passed everything everything and even though I begged to let him see a speech therapist they said he really didn't need one. He was smart enough. If I made a list of all of the words he said and it was over 50 he was fine (I think it was something like 73 words he said when I'd made the list and added to it when I heard new words). And hey, guess what? He's 3 now and speaks better than your 5 year old does. Plus he has manners. And hey also? Since you're calling me a bad mother and all..let's also add that my not even 2 year old also has a large vocabulary and let's also add for the record that just because your child isn't spouting sonnets out by the age of 2 doesn't mean they never will. Doesn't mean you're a bad mother and it CERTAINLY doesn't mean they will never talk. I've said it before and I'll gladly say it again: Were there speech therapists hundreds of years ago? No? What's that? No? Guess what? They still ended up speaking. I don't believe in running my kids to every doctor just because they're not like everyone else and HELP! They're not like everyone else! Please.

You want to talk about being a bad mother, Chelsea? How about you tell people how when you potty train your kids if they have an accident on the floor you rub their faces in it? How about you tell people how you sometimes can't bring your children outside because you've smacked them so hard across the face? How about you tell people about how you don't love your first 2 children as much as your third because they're from a different marriage and you TOTALLY talk about not loving them as much in FRONT of them? The list goes on, sweetheart and if you honestly need to tell lies to make yourself sound and feel better..go ahead.

Doctor's records prove you wrong anyway.


Jenna Consolo said...

Abs, you never need to waste your blog space on someone so infantile and despicable.

We know you're an awesome mom.

Oh, and my 2 1/2 year old only says about 40 words, most only intelligible to me, and I KNOW I'm a good mom! ;) (But he is getting evaluated)

Tamara said...

My mom didn't start talking, at all, until she was four.. and she's one of the smartest people I know.

So, whatevs. Eff her. I actually remember you posting something about talking to a doctor about it too (not that it matters, everyone knows you're a good mom and that he's mad smart yo)

I thought Chelsea was like your best friend though?? You guys did everything together. I'm confused.

Abby said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Jonah didn't really say much if anything at all till he was about 4 as well. I was never super concerned that he wasn't saying a whole lot because I saw how well he did everything else and I knew he'd open up and be super talkative eventually. I'm not pushy. Get it at your own pace, man.

Chelsea and I haven't spoken in about 6 months. We are *not* friends. Maybe because we spent way too much time together. But she got too comfortable, know what I mean? She started talking trash about my husband (who she'd never even met at that point) and then started dogging on my FAMILY. Whoah. Bad move. I am nothing if not loyal and it takes some mighty big balls to talk about my family who I absolutely adore with every ounce of our shared blood. She was saying nasty things about people she's NEVER met and just going off on what she thinks she knows. Which isn't a whole lot. She didn't even know what our flag looks like. Seriously. our friendship was destroyed when she did all of that nasty talk. I refuse to be around people like that, ya know? If you can't be nice..go home.

YogaNana said...

Jonah didn't talk til he was 3 and then when he opened his mouth, out came paragraphs.

No need to respond to stupid crap.

Micah said...

Let it be.

Abby said...

It's be, Micah. Sometimes I just need to write out my frustrations just so I can get rid of it.

She's not reading this..I'm not starting a war. Just venting.

Tamara said...

That's effed up of her. Insulting family [that you don't even know] = no no. I'd end the friendship too. She was probably jealous.