Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Hi! Okay, so you may have noticed I've been ya know..missing. Thing is, I got kidnapped. Adult-napped. Orion had to travel day and night to find me. I think he may have killed a few people on the way.

Okay, that's all a lie. During a power outage a few weeks ago, our computer blew up. For no reason! It wasn't even storming! I had no warning! It was plugged into a surge protector and everything! So. So Orion called and made an insurance claim. Thank you renter's insurance! It took a few days for them to send the check out and then what with the holidays and us moving and blah blah blah (life DOES still go on around me even when the blog isn't available) it didn't get sent out quick enough and honestly, it still hasn't hit our bank account..but I'm assuming it will tomorrow. Keep fingers crossed because bounced checks are mean. We're still going to get a new computer but the guy at the fancy computer fixing place fixed this one so we'll have it a little bit longer. Long enough for me to get all of my precious pictures from it.

Speaking of pictures! Who wants to read about me blabbing on and on when there have been holidays and things that have yet to be posted about??!! I didn't take a ton of pictures after Christmas because we were busy and because New Year's eve (and day) weren't about a huge celebratory feast but more about a couple of egg salad sandwiches, chips and dips (and standing on our front path holding onto one another and kissing and whooping and wishing a Happy New Year to all of your brand new neighbors while watching fireworks from all around us because ya know..while New Year's is nice..it's also when we got engaged. 4 years ago..awww.) ..but mostly unpacking. And not being able to walk because HAHA! I haven't climbed this many stairs especially while lugging heavy things that many times since we moved to Kentucky! But there's totally more stairs here and oh my gosh I'm still talking.

Have some pictures!

First of all.. we donated the Buick to The Breast Cancer Society.

(I had Orion stall them. He had just gotten home from whatever and was all "babe..they're taking the car" and I was frantically digging through my purse like "Ahhh!!! Stall them!! Stall them!!!!!!" and then I ran out and snapped a really bad picture..but you get the idea) Bye, Buick!!! You were an awesome car!

She was a liability and fixing her would cost more than what her blue book value was and no one's buying cars and ya know what? There are boobies out there that can benefit from this donation. And while I'm still a little sad (because she was, afterall, my very first car. I got my license in her! A deer ran into me while in her! We drove her all over the states! She was paid off 3 years before she was supposed to be!)..she'll live on in my heart. *sniff*

Then it came time to make Santa's cookies. I've never really decorated cookies outside of what you do when you're younger..ya know..slapping some frosting and jimmies on or whatever. This time I tried. All I used for the frosting was powdered sugar and a tiny bit of milk. I learned it from Paula Dean. I adore the Food Network.

I love the trees. They totally looked vintage to me for whatever reason. Awwww.

these weirdos wish you a merry Christmas. Or at least we did.

Christmas jammies!

The grey parts are red. Calix's slippers are also red.

The loot (it took Santa 2 1/2 hours to put that trampoline together. Yeah..there's an actual system to that whole thing instead of hooking it all on at once. It was his first time putting those sorts of gifts together, folks..have a heart. But trust that you need muscles to do it and had he not been there I would have left it in the box..or halfway done..until he got home.) right after Santa left..but before the boys were up.

Okay, I have way too many pictures to resize and what not. Christmas morning will have to wait till next time.


Hannah said...

Yay Abby's back!! Love the pics so far!

Sarah said...

YAY! Abby, we missed you! Glad you're back!

Maybe next year I'll actually give details to our cookies, rather than just ice them up. They were super yummy though!

Can't wait to see Christmas morning pics!

YogaNana said...

Ah, it's good to have all the blogs back! And I'm SO glad you're going to be able to salvage the stuff from your hard-drive.

Jenna Consolo said...

So glad you're back! I missed you!

Nice cookies!