Wednesday, December 03, 2008

26 Days!

I bought this huge 5 pound bag of frozen sliced strawberries from Sam's Club last week because I wanted to start making smoothies for breakfast. Sam's Club didn't have a big container of vanilla yogurt..neither did the market we went to for actual groceries. Ugh. Okay..surely there's another way to make smoothies without the use of yogurt. So I hopped onto and found this beauty. Sweet. I *always* have soy milk (it's the only stuff I'll drink or use in cereal and things of the such. I think milk is gross) around and seriously, who doesn't have oatmeal sitting in the pantry?

WAIT! Oatmeal in a smoothie?!?!!! I've never heard of such a thing! Ya'll? Try it. Try it if you never have before because it is splendidly delicious! And all of you vegan people (tam) works for you too. So drink up and be merry.

May I present you with.. Cuddle's Breakfast:

I eat whole wheat toast (with organic butter) for breakfast every day of the week. Except for Saturday if Orion's making breakfast.


Also..hey, Happy birthday, Bella!!!

Edited to add:

Just so no one thinks I lie. And it's probably not the very best in bread (mom, I miss that super dark wheat you used to get. They don't seem to make it anymore)..but ya know. It was just frozen! I was hungry and it was frozen.


Jenna Consolo said...

Abby, that does sound yummy! You know we're smoothie people over here too. Whole wheat toast is awesome, but now get yourself some better bread. That one doesn't look full of fiber. (And I only say that because I love you and your colon.) xo!

Abby said...

Yeah haha..I have better bread. That's the kids' that they use for sandwiches and what not. It just happened to be the loaf that was in the fridge. I thought about that, too, when I took a picture. I was all "someone's going to say something about this not being the best bread".

And thanks..I care about your colon too hahahaha.

Tamara said...

mmm i've heard of oatmeal in smoothies. i'll have to try it. my new thing is juicing-- i just bought the breville juicer martha stewart raved about on her show and i make the randomest things.. (apple, carrot, ginger, cucumber anyone?)

also-- toast and butter is amazing. i sprinkle sugar on top too ;)

if you are looking for the best bread EVER, try Ezekiel 4:9 bread. It's sprouted and amazing and makes the crunchiest, healthiest toast (and apparently like god said to make it that way, hence the name)

Hannah said...

MMMMM That smoothie looks soooo good! I want some!

Bella says thank you.