Tuesday, November 04, 2008


So..our new house is being built and will be ready for us around the end of December. I'm pretty excited..though I hope it's at the actual end of the month so I won't feel the need to decorate for the holidays here and then take everything down only to put it back up for a couple of weeks if even that. I guess I'm just hoping we stay in this house until Christmas is over. I'm in no way complaining about moving (brand new house?? we're the first to live there?? YES!!)..it's just that I love Christmas so much I don't want to undo it just to redo it. Ya know..that plus everything else that will be going on. But Orion has a bunch of friends at work who said they'd come help out so that'll be nice on me.

What? Don't act like you thought I'd be willing to lift heavy stuff.

Side note.. my foot is extra swollen. Ewww. I have huge toes! Ewww. It feels weird..like they're coming out of "sleeping"..all tingly..when I bend them. Orion's doing this crazy talk thing about wanting to take me to hospital just to get it x-rayed. I try to tell him it's okay..ya know, probably. I think. Maybe?

Maddox is cute. He says "I funny..I funny" and I say "you're funny" and he says "I know.".

I adore my babies.


Jenna Consolo said...

A new house! Wow! It's a great feeling. Very exciting, and not too far off! I'm sure your foot is fine, but it does sound extra painful!

Sarah said...

Yay! For a new house! You guys deserve it!