Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Love on your loves

A few days ago, Jenna wrote about being sucked into the lives of Stephanie and Christian Nielsen. I commented that I'd heard what had happened and browsing through her blog when it happened and just feeling sad. Sad for a day, maybe (I probably had a lot going on)..not because I didn't care but because you hear about tragic things happening all over the world everyday. I don't know these people personally so I just found the situation sad and moved on with my life.

Jenna e-mailed me a link to this story and I cried and cried and as I tried to re-read it to my husband that night, I cried again. I then went back into NieNie's blog and read the last couple of years leading up to the accident and I found myself falling in love with her entire family. She's a wonderful (and fun!) mother who adores her babies like no one I've ever seen before. Her relationship with her husband is incredibly beautiful and oh so romantic (I LOVE that he's been telling anyone and everyone who will listen about how wonderful his wife is. THAT'S love to me.). I love that she feels like she was born into the wrong set of years and feels like she's a 40's girl more than anything (I agree because I feel like I should also be from the 40's and 50's). She comes from a large family of 9 children - 5 boys..4 girls - just like me (though I think her siblings..especially her sisters..are closer than mine will ever be). It's hard NOT to feel close to this woman.

I found myself shouting at the computer when she bought her husband flying lessons for his birthday. I screamed "don't go!!!" when she talked about the pair of moccasins she spotted in NM that he said he'd fly her back to buy. A flight that would change their lives.

I, too, have been sucked into the lives of the Nielsen family. I, like many others, have a new found love and appreciation for my family. I scoop my babies up multiple times a day just for cuddles and a little extra love. I run to my husband when he comes through the door and I smother him with hugs and kisses. I hang onto him just a little more than I used to. A little closer.

I watched the balloon launch and I sobbed. To know that all of those people showed up a week after the accident to launch balloons (a time honored birthday tradition in the Nielsen household) know that that large group of people were NOT the only ones launching know that there are large masses of people all over the WORLD who are keeping up with this story..the majority of whom have never met them. All of these people are so touched by their their love and want nothing more than to see them both come back home to their 4 babies and continue their love story.

They are a true inspiration to me. I'm coming into this whole thing a little late..but that's the power of the Nielsens. A few more people fall in love with them everyday and all it takes is a click of a link. Click those links if you haven't already. Love them along with everyone else. Pray for them if you do that..light candles if you do that..send your thoughts and good vibes their way. Let's see them home together.


Raelene said...

I guess you never clicked on the links on my blog to NieNie and her sister cjane. I have been following since the accident in August (the crash was just a few miles from our house). They are an incredible family and I appreciate all I can learn from the strength of others. It seems that our family may have financial stresses and some other troubles, but how blessed we are to not have such devastating illnesses.

Abby said...

I read the news articles and I browsed NieNie's blog when it actually happened..but I just didn't keep up with it. And I *knew* I saw the NieNie button on someone's blog I just couldn't remember whose. Guess it was yours!

Jenna Consolo said...

Oh, I'm so glad you took the time to read that article and then go back and read the archives. They are a huge inspiration, and I'm glad you could be touched too. I can't get enough, and I can't wait for HER version of the story! I know amazing spiritual things have happened to her while she's been in that coma.

And we can work towards that sister-closeness, can't we?

Tamara said...

wow. i read about nienie right when it happened through someone else's blog but i had never read stephanie's blog so i didn't really follow up on it.

i just spent the past few hours reading all of her entries.. i'm so touched by them. what a beautiful, inspiring family.

the entire thing is just so heart wrenching.. it makes me want to drive to nick's house at midnight and give him a hug. gosh.. =/