Friday, November 07, 2008

And to think that just last night I was thinking about a 3rd baby...

I'm still trying with the weight for Hannah who's keeping track - I've lost another pound and a half. I knowww..nothing great, but I didn't work out at all this week because I couldn't get my stupid foot into my sneakers without it hurting. It's doing a ton better so I'll be back in the gym on Monday.

Maddox..oh, Maddox. I love you. But darlin? You need to sleep. At night. With everyone else. Screaming all night is not an option. Not an option when your mother is doing everything possible to calm you down. Sometimes you just need your door open. Sometimes you also need the hall light on. That's fine..I want to comfort you. But when you scream after I've turned on your mobile with the fish light show..when I've moved furniture and gotten down on all 4's searching for a binky..when I've tucked you back in..when I've shut your door..when I've left your door open with or without the light..after dad has finally given in and come in to stroke your back 15 minutes before his alarm goes off..even after he gives in and brings you to mommy and daddy's big bed and you complain that you've pooped your pants when you didn't but score a new diaper anyway and then admit that you probably just farted, but hey..thanks for the new shorts anyway..when dad's alarm goes off you think it's time to start talking. When mommy tries to shush you for just a couple of minutes of sweet rest and you scream "nooo!!!" into her ear..when mommy brings you back to your room and you continue to scream and then rip off your diaper and shout about how naked you are and how you need help fixing the issue and mommy FINALLY gives in at 6:15 and takes you out of bed to feed and milk you and you run down the hall squealing and wake up your brother...when you do all of these things, don't be surprised when mommy's a tad upset with you. Don't you *dare* give me trouble today, boy. Mama's in no mood to be messed with. Have a lovely day.


Hannah said...

Well first, congrats on the loss!
Second, I so remember those times and don't envy you. Hopefully tonight he'll sleep really well for you so you can get some make-up rest.

YogaNana said...

I don't miss this part of having little kids. No, sirree, Bob.

Saint Holiday said...

Whenever I lose a few pounds from a diet or from starvation & neglect, I like to go into the dairy section of the grocery store and stack up pounds of butter packages to present myself a visual representation of how much I've lost. It's a wonderful reinforcement and encouragement. As you know, I've got 9 pounds of oozing fat rolls hanging on my belly like an alien life form, and I've joined Hannah's diet team in a last ditch effort to rid myself of it. I've tried everything but Richard Simmons. Even cutting back a little on chocolate. A little. As for the kid, it's probably my fault again. My chromosomes, which you've apparently passed down to the trouble-maker, are not X-Y like everyone elses. No; they're X-Why?! Sorry. Anyway, I loves you, my precioussss. And I'm so tired. Diarrhea really takes something out of you.
All-fed Lord Holiday