Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Pictures

We had a good time last night. After getting home from grocery shopping Orion and I got dressed in our costumes. Super inexpensive as he already owned his suit and I already owned the dress and shoes (the dress of which I wore once when I got it and a lady and her daughter literally talked crap about me in it so loudly I heard them and was so mortified I never wore it again. Until last night) so all we bought were the gun shot wounds, fake blood, the wig (that kept falling apart all night) and the headpiece.

Orion was a retired mobster. I mean..he's retired from "waste management". And by "retired" I mean he was "taken care of".

I was a Greek goddess of sorts, I suppose. I don't know..I just threw it together and hoped it worked out. (the kids aren't fighting..Calix is tickling Maddox)

There ya for the memory books haha

I kid you not when I tell you he was using a weasely "mob" voice all night that confused little kids (one girl was all "you talk funny" because she didn't get it. One little boy was all "sorry I shot you in the face like that" because he thinks he's cool)

right before heading out

They were like pros out there! They'd walk up and say "trick or treat!" (we practiced for like a week beforehand) reach into candy buckets and pull out what they wanted say thank you and head on to the next house. I was so super impressed with them.

this was right before we got to the house that the guy was dressed up like a vampire. GREAT costume..looked all kinds of real. He scared the crap out of Calix. He saw his fangs and ran screaming. I had to get down and explain to him that it's just a costume. Just like he's dressed up as a dinosaur this guy is dressed up like a vampire. He's not going to hurt him. Then he felt safe enough to go up and get candy from him. Poor little man!

we did about 3 or 4 blocks of houses before heading home to hand out candy and because it's so disgustingly hot in our house and there was a sweet breeze outside, we all stayed out to hand out candy. And no, we never did get any pumpkins because when we went to get some 2 days ago..they were all gone. It's one of the crappy things about living on an island. But least we have all of those carving kits and stencils for next year.

Maddox hydrating.

We handed out Air Heads, gummy bears, and Snickers. Calix got so comfortable with it that when kids would walk up he'd be all "I'll give them candy" and stick candy in their bags. He was acting like he'd been doing this for years hahaha and after the trick or treaters would leave he'd recite what he did "I gave candy said 'here you go, here you go, here you go' they said 'thank you' I said 'welcome'." He was CRACKING US UP!

We had a super great time! Yay for Halloween!


YogaNana said...

Oh, for cute, for cute! How fun that the boys are learning the time-honored Halloween behaviors. :o)

Jenna Consolo said...

So cute! You guys are such good sports to dress up too!