Thursday, October 30, 2008

Double Oy

It's been a sweaty couple of days around here. The air conditioner is acting up..we've left it off to thaw out (even though it's been on like 78 for the past month and shouldn't really NEED to be thawed out)..and it'll work for a couple of hours after that..but today? Not so much. It's just getting hotter and hotter and will take maintenance till Monday to come out here and it's like uggghhhh. Sweating while you're not doing anything isn't a good time for me. Having frizzy hair because it's too friggin hot in your house to do anything about it (and then you go out and people stare at you like 'ew, look at her frizzy hair') sucks. Not being able to try on your new clothes because 'GET THEM AWAY FROM ME, IT'S TOO HOT!!' is sad. Anyway.

Little Miss Buick herself is being a brat. She was picked up today and it seems as though our worst fears were confirmed. She needs a new transmission. NOOO!!! We just don't have that kind of money. Ugh. I totally don't wanna give her up because come onnnn she's just so great and PAID FOR and not even that old (okay, 6 years but still) and PAID FOR and I'm totally attached because she was my very first car and she's PAID FOR. Why'd she have to go and need a new transmission? What a bitch. I said it..I said it. The hills around here are just too much for the poor girl. So..I guess what we have to do is find someone..or some place who'll take her for an even trade on an even older car because we were going to leave her in Hawaii when we moved anyway (shipping cars is ridiculously expensive and the military only pays to have 1 car shipped..and a motorcycle cause it counts as household goods or something.) so O would just be getting a junker or whatever just to get him to and from work till we leave here. My heart's broken, ya''s just broken. I can't NOT have Little Miss around because she's a total part of me but we just don't have the dollas for a new tranny. Oy.

I also can't not have the van at home anymore. I wanted to scream today because I've been stuck at home for 2 friggin weeks not able to take the kids anywhere (except on the weekends) because O's gone from 6 in the morning till 6pm and by then it's dinner and settle the house down for the night time and AHHHH!!! I CAN'T be stuck here anymore! Especially on payday, ya know? So I suppose this weekend we're taking her to a used car dealership or whatever and seeing what they can do (hey..hey..she JUST got an oil change and a transmission fluid flush thingy). So irritating.

Wanna hear something super swell? Gas is down

$2.79! I haven't seen that in a long time! Down another $0.33 from last week! This is all kinds of exciting, ya'll.

What's gas like in your area?


Jenna Consolo said...

I saw $2.99 today! I'm so excited! I know all about "stuck at home with no car." I feel for you.

Sarah said...

We just paid $2.55 on the way home. Loving it! You know that's why they hike the prices up so high. Just so we will finally be happy about the $2.50/gal. Remember when it first hit that price?! We were all freaking out and the thought of ever paying $3.00 a gal?!?!? NEVER! So $2.55 doesn't sound so bad anymore.

I've been stuck at home with no car for a pretty good portion of my almost 11 years of marriage. I took him alot during our first couple years but then cut back to save on the gas money. We've survived somehow.

Saint Holiday said...

I haven't had time to read anyone's blogs this week, and I turn to yours and see that you've been very busy posting entries. My deepest condolences with regard to the car. Awful. And sad. Sorry you have to get rid of it. Your old dad is walking everywhere now, if that's any consolation to you. When you look at your broken-down car, just think of me. O Coopertown the bones, the bones, are calling. You are very beautiful, by the way. There may be a little too much cleavage showing, but otherwise, you're extremely beautiful, and your dad loves you. Lard, he loves you.


Micah said...

We paid $2.44 last time. I have a feeling it will jump back up after the election.

Abby said...

Dad, did you just call me fat, dude? Oh golly. Cleavage be a good time. I waited a very long time to have any at all.

Sarah, I know we've worked around having 1 car in the past..our entire relationship, actually. But that was when his hours were different. Being gone for the 12 hours during the day that stuff gets done and sometimes not even getting home till right before or right after the kids go to bed means I'd have to wait till the weekend to get anything done and that's frustrating for me. Generally, I don't mind..unless I have somewhere I need to go.

Looks like Micah's got the cheapest gas so far!

Raelene said...

No, Abby, I'm sure he did not call you fat. He just likes the front covered somewhat. And Lard, I don't know, just not wanting to be profane and just plain silly. I think you are just rediculously and unfairly photogenic. You look beautiful. I always look awful in pics. I have been homebound for the past 3 years, argh, maybe you could call me a hermitess?! With your dads job an hour away and a 12 year old car with 203,600 miles on it, I didn't go anywhere. But, now, he's got a new job, I have the wheels and he has feet, and he's usin' them. If I only had some money, oh, what I would do!

Raelene said...

Oh, I forgot, maybe I should stay in ABQ, gas is only $2.35 here, I'm gonna fill it up today.

Hilary said...

$2.45!! WOOHOO!!!

Saint Holiday said...

Uh oh. Maybe it was a typo? I'm sure it was cubicle-induced. Please don't hate me. I only have a little time remaining, if I can just get over this pulmonary success. I love you.