Tuesday, October 07, 2008


A bit of news that ya know..may end up happening..and it may not. It's still too early to really tell.

We're fairly sure Orion's going to WLC (Warrior Leaders Club) for the entire month of November (gone for my birthday..again.). However, he'll still be on the island and might be able to come home to visit every now and then..so that's not really a huge deal. I'll miss him anyway.

There's an order in as of now..for his unit to deploy next year. I don't know when..I know where but can't say..and it may only be for 6 months anyway. So again..not as "Oh my God, don't leave me!!!" as it was before. It's not like I'm dealing with a newborn alone this time (they think I might not be able to have anymore kids anyway) and it's not like it's going to be a way too long deployment either. I'm pretty much okay with it.

I was reading some of our e-mails from last time (I've kept them all) and ya know, it seems like we love one another MORE when he's gone. I won't lie when I say I kind of miss that heart pounding feeling knowing 'my husband's coming home soon!!!!'. If I were a druggie..that would be my high.

I love getting love letters from him. I love getting the super private e-mails from him. I love packing up boxes to send out to him just so he feels special and loved. And yes, I like the extra money that comes from him being away (I'm honest.).

Don't take that as I don't care about him because please. I adore my husband just as much..if not more..than most people. I do hate when he's gone for holidays and birthdays..but again, at least it doesn't look like it'll be more than 6 months this time. If he goes at all..because it's not even for sure yet. I'm just putting it out there in CASE he needs to leave.

Again..there are 3 more days until this blog goes private. I know there are a bunch of you who read now that maybe aren't sure if you're allowed to continue..and chances are..you are. I'm ONLY trying to keep out a handful of people..so please email me your own e-mail address at: Twoteers@yahoo.com so I can add you.


Anonymous said...

Ryan finished WLC last month. I'm glad it's over with, but man it sucked almost worst than the 15 month deployment...firstly he had been home for 3 months and I was just getting used to having his help, and Kyler was just getting used to letting him help. But he was seriously 5 blocks away from our house and only got to come home a few of the Sundays for a few hours.
I'm not lying when I say I stalked the PT route, he told me about, a few times just so I could see him!

Cara said...

I love reading your blog even though I don't comment much. I'd love to keep reading if you don't mind. My email is azeaglesfan78@gmail.com

Hannah said...

You're a strong lady Abs. I don't know how you do it. I think there are certain people meant for that kind of lifestyle. I don't think I would have the guts to handle it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, I will send you a painting.