Sunday, October 05, 2008

When Abby was in Egypt's land...let my Abby goooooo

I've spent the majority of the weekend in bed or laying on the couch. My body hurts. I'm sore all over and I'm soooo tired. This is time number 5 in 2 months with a 5 day break in between. It's annoying and also..not fair.

Thank goodness for Orion. He takes control when I'm out of commission. Today, he took the kids out to Sam's to pick a few things up and also to give me a little bit of quiet time where I could sleep without being disturbed. Even after they got home, it was so quiet I barely heard them. When I finally emerged from our bedroom, I saw a bouquet of King Protea flowers waiting at the door for me along with a large variety of teas (Ya know..Sam's Club n all hahah). That Orion. What a guy!

Now if only I still owned a tea kettle. I guess it's gonna be ghetto style..but whatever, hot water is hot water.

But then? Then Maddox woke up from his nap and when he ran out to the living room..he was dressed like this:

I said "please tell me you didn't take him out in public dressed like that.." but he did. Neon green stripes down the sides of those pants..olive green and orange in the shirt. Oh, dear. He said ladies would look over at him and then smile. I said "yeah because it's obvious mom's out of order and didn't dress him" bless his heart! Not a big deal, I's just a little funny.

The house has also seemed to fall apart over the weekend (just look at all of those toys everywhere)..because while, yes, Orion will totally take care of the boys and pamper me when I'm not feeling well, he doesn't clean up unless asked. We can't have it all, can we?

But ya know what? Even though the house is kitchen sink is still shiny. He at least follows that rule. Good husband...gooooood husband.


YogaNana said...

His heart is definitely in the right place! Hope you're all better soon.

Sarah said...

Had to laugh at the outfit part! Too funny! Glad he is taking good care of you! Help you are feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better! Maddox's outfit cracks me up...when I wake up on the weekends that Ryan lets me sleep in, I have mixed emotions about going down to see what Kylers dressed in! At least the kids get dressed though!

Hannah said...

That's such a Dad thing to do! I laugh my butt off when I see the outfits Mike dresses Bella in. As long as there are clothes on her body, it's okay. The guy is colorblind so he does have a little bit of an excuse.

The flowers are gorgeous!!!

Feel better.

Jenna Consolo said...

Oh, man, on Orion's behalf, he could have dressed the kid a LOT worse. What a guy, and what gorgeous flowers! I love a guy that avoids carnations at all costs.

Note to family: at my funeral there better not be one stupid carnation!