Wednesday, October 08, 2008

That'll leave a mark

I was woken up at 4:13 in the morning to being punched in the head. Don't's not funny yet.

You know how when you're dreaming and you're fighting your way out of something and you feel so *weak* and that your punches or slaps are coming off as light taps (the most irritating and un-satisfying thing about dreams for me)? Orion doesn't have that problem. Orion's also a man with muscles and can, obviously, inflict pain. Ya know..on his wife who wasn't doing anything but sleeping.

I swear I saw it coming, too. I'm a light sleeper. I could almost *see* his arm getting that wind up and I could hear his fist coming towards me. In dream time. All slow and what not. But then BAM!!!! In the side of my head. Instantly, I grabbed at the pain and rolled over sobbing "Ow, Orion! Damn you! You punched me in the head!!!" and he's doing that thing where he was pulled from a horrible dream and he's apologizing and holding me because dude..that's so messed up. Then seeing the good I said "thank goodness I wasn't facing you or I'd be looking at a black eye!". I then got the explanation of the dream. I guess he was in prison and an iquana was chewing on his finger and he couldn't shake it he took it over to the wall and began punching it. That's when his fist hit my skull.

He's sorry. He didn't mean to.

I had an awful dream last night, too. But mine was about 3 hours earlier. I don't remember exactly how it started but I was pretty much helping a friend and hiding her from the CBC (a gang in Oregon) because she'd done turn one of them in or whatever..I don't remember. They found the first place we were hiding and we ended up getting away but then I took them all to a random friend of mine's and asked if we could all stay there for a bit..he agreed. I had Calix and Maddox with me. I remember being outside with them and playing and feeling like things were okay. A few days later, I was walking through the living room of this person's house when the front door flies open and a gang member come rushing in, grabs me and immediately slits my throat. I saw my blood pour out of my neck before I collapsed. I knew they wouldn't spare my babies..but what could I do? I heard a bunch of guys saying something like "if you think what we did to that girl and her kids was should have seen what we did to (whatever this person's name was)." It was so graphic and disgusting..I won't even repeat it. But yeah..I died.

That's such an awful feeling. Not just to die in your sleep (because I have probably 5 or 6 times so far) even though that's horrible..but to dream about you not being able to do anything to save your babies. Ugh. I woke up crying and clung to Orion until I fell back asleep.

It was an AWESOME night, lemme tell ya.

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Jenna Consolo said...

Oh, man, a lot of action going on in your bed over there! Adam C told me that once he did that to his first wife too, just started kicking the crap out of her while she was sleeping because he was in the middle of a dream. Weird how our dreams can do that.