Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where there's smoke..

Today we were pulling into the parking lot of the commissary and there was smoke in the distance. LOTS of smoke. Tons and tons of hot black smoke. We weren't near the water, so we knew it wasn't a ship...but because it was so close to us..we decided to go find out what was burning.

coming out of the commissary...looking at the golf course

right around the block..

I rolled down my window as we were driving by the whole see if I could get a couple of decent pictures. Orion was driving a little faster than I would have liked him to but whateva.

Because I had the window down and because the fire was literally right in front of got hot FAST. My lungs hurt for a little bit after that for sure.

When we got home, I decided to check to see if the news had put anything up on it yet and see if they had better pictures because I kid you not when I say there was a literal wall of fire.

Video of fire

On our way home, we drove by again to see if they'd made any progress and the fire was just about out. Mostly just doing the whole sizzling thing. Pretty fast work for a fire that insane. I think I should make the firefighters some cookies or something for the job well done.


YogaNana said...

No video.

So -- what was burning? and YAY for the firefighters!

Abby said...

You needed to click on the words "video of fire" and it should take you to the news website that has a little blurb about it and to the right there's a video to click on.