Friday, September 12, 2008

My kids are strange. I guess it would figure what with me being their mother n all..I get it.

Last night for dinner, I made chicken carbonara. Er..halfway vegetarian chicken carbonara. My first time making it..and as I'm looking at recipes for the same thing this's not the same. What happened was..I was just stuck for a dinner idea last night. There's lots of food, yeah..but I just wasn't *feeling* any of it. I went through my gravy mixes and other various powder mixes drawer (sometimes I cheat on the sauces..I knowww) and found a few Creamy Garlic Alfredo. Okay, I said..I'll make pasta alfredo..but then as the sauce was going, I saw at the bottom it said "chicken carbonara" and told me to just throw in bacon pieces and sliced cooked chicken. I'm not really into doing the whole meat thing all the time..I buy it..but I have to be in the mood to work with it..otherwise it makes me gag and I think about all of the horribleness and all of the things I protested when I was a mere child..and then I feel guilty and can't cook it. More often than not I use vegetarian substitute meat. In my shepard's my chicken parmesan..on and on. Orion doesn't mind because everything I make is delicious regardless of what I use. I can cook. I can *seriously* cook. It's a skill of mine. One of my very few.

Anyway..I ramble. So I have this huge bag of bacon pieces that I just bought (I add em to salads and scrambled eggs and ya know..stuff) and I had like 3 Morningstar Farms chik patties left. Cooked them up..sliced and threw them and the bacon pieces into the sauce. I wasn't sure how it was going to taste..but please believe me when I say it was super extra delicious and Orion insists I make it all the time now (not going to..because holy calorie intake!).

Back to my story. So Maddox was afraid to touch it..and opted to just eat his broccoli (you read that one year old LOVES veggies and would prefer a nice leafy green salad over chicken nuggets anyday). After I was done eating I sat next to Maddox and started to feed him the pasta. One bite and the kid was in love. He started shoving all kinds of pasta in his mouth. I told him to slow down. I warned him. He kept going. And then he gagged. And then he threw up everywhere. Maaannnnn! Cleaned it all up and then when Orion was getting both of the boys undressed for a bath, Maddox was running around like a mad man..stopped for a couple of seconds to projectile vomit..and then he just started cracking up. Orion's gagging..Maddox is laughing so hard he's on the brink of tears. That kid's going to be a frat boy someday..I just know it. Oh, man.

Also (I've noticed I haven't really been writing about the kids lately), a couple of months just clicked for Calix. He's *talking*..and I mean A LOT. He will sit you down and tell you about his day..or what just happened with Maddox..and he will repeat that same story over and over again until he knows that you've heard and understand it. It helps if you repeat what he's saying after he's said it so he knows that you're tracking. He and Maddox talk to each other. I mean, they have actual conversations..but you can mostly only understand what Calix is saying. They seem to understand one another. It's like a Rugrats thing. I knew he would get it on his own. While others were telling me to put him in speech therapy..I didn't want to. I didn't want to because not too long ago...there *wasn't* speech therapy and all of those kids ended up talking, didn't they? It's not like I was sending him to school not knowing how to talk..he's 2, people (3 in 15 days..but who's counting?). Let him be 2 and play and have his imagination and not push him to be a super genius with issues and a large therapy bill when he's older, shall we?

Maddox is also starting to talk. It's weird to have a child who's talking more than his older brother was at his age. But he can say "Car" and then tell you what they sound like "vroom vroom!!" (either all cars are race cars in his mind...or mommy needs to lay off the gas.). He says "cookie" "papa" "mom" "dad" "night night" "play" "all done" "more" "milk" "sheep" "bath" "cup" "hug" "kiss" "book" on and on and he *understands* what you say when you tell him to go give big brother hug night night or to go find a diaper or to help clean up the toys. He's a rad little guy.

I destroyed my left foot. new running shoes destroyed my heel. It was graphic and disgusting and involved bloody socks and scissors to remove skin but Dr. Orion got me all fixed and bandaged up but I couldn't put my running shoes on to work out this morning because it just hurt *so* much, so I guess I'll be getting my walking type exercise while in Sam's Club (which come a lot of walking) today. Thank the stars for flip flops during times like these, ya know?'s payday so I have stuff to do this morning. I need to get dressed then head out to Sam's Club to restock the bulk items then after naps head out to the commissary to do the rest of the grocery shopping.

Oh's our room if ya care:

I finally found Euro pillows for the other set of shams that go with the that'll be good to finally have those. Again, it's nothing super special and I still want to do stuff to it..but ya's better than the way we started out.

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