Monday, September 15, 2008

Slap in the FACEBOOK!

I don't know how it happened! See, I signed up for facebook a couple of years ago or whatever...and I never did anything to it. Every once in a while I'd get an e-mail saying someone wanted to be my friend and I'd be like "I have a facebook?". When I first signed up, I didn't bother looking people up because it wanted the school I graduated from..and ya know..I never graduated from a school. Went to many..never finished any. I mean..think about it..I never even finished all of the years at my elementary school (K-8 but we moved after 6th grade)..and then Jr High (7-9th..I left after the first semester in 9th grade)..and then highschool (9-12..I left after the 2nd semester in 9th). So I figured I just shouldn't be on that site. That's for people who actually *finished* school, isn't it? Then I felt sad. Sad because I remember so many people so clearly and I think about and miss a huge chunk of them on the daily. Sad because I probably didn't make a dent in their lives like they did to mine..sad because they probably didn't even remember who I was.

I was wrong. I was wrong because a couple of days ago, the person who introduced me to Orion randomly e-mailed him on Myspace (which O basically *never* checks) and told him he should sign up on facebook because so many people from the school they both attended in Singapore were on there and blah blah blah it's so much better than Myspace. Okay..he signed up and started to get all excited because look! All of these people are grown up! He has kids?? No way! Oh my gosh..2 people (so far) he used to hang out with live near us and heyyyy we should totally invite them over for dinner and drinks or whatever at some point! So I hopped on and started looking for people I used to know..and lied and said Mesa High and Show Low High were my schools..but I mean..they *kind* of were. I did know people who went to both of those schools and it *was* my gratuating year I was looking up. I don't know..I still feel like a fraud about the whole thing. But then I went through that whole gasping thing "Kristin Harnish!! Oh my gosh I've been looking for her for years! She's SO pretty! Oh my gosh! She's pregnant with TWINS! Yay for her!! Janine Higgins does photography! Oh my gosh..everyone looks SO good!!!" And of course I had to send the message about.. 'hey! remember me?? Abby VanSciver? Ring any bells?' and I was soooo afraid no one would remember and one likes me (pity party for one, please)..but they do! out I'm pretty much addicted to the site now. I'm still trying to figure stuff out on there because it's pretty much nothing like Myspace (no pretty layouts?? whaaatttt???)..but it's pretty exciting. Ya know..for me.


Jenna Consolo said...

I'm glad you're on there, Abby! It is fun! How could people not remember you, silly girl?

YogaNana said...

It isn't just for finding people you went to school with, you know ... and all right, I can't even find any of *those* but that's what happens when everyone gets married and their last names change. Still, it's kind of a cool site. Never did like My Space. Glad it's working well for you!