Monday, September 29, 2008


One of my very least favorite things about living in a solar powered house are the morning showers. See, our water is solar heated which means if it's an overcast day..the water won't be as hot as it would be on a clear sunny day. Which also means because it's chilly at night, you suffer in the morning with water that WILL NOT WARM UP.

This has been my issue lately. I gave up this morning. I tried so hard to stay in as long as I could but it came down to me trying to get all of the conditioner out of my mid-back length hair and shouting "hurry up, conditioner!!!!!! AHHHH!!! I QUIT!!!" before shivering my way out and into a towel.

When Orion got home, his still shivering wife warned him of the water. He went in thinking I was just being silly.. turned the water on..waited a few minutes and then turned it off. When he came out, I was all "no shower?" "yeah, I'm not getting in that". It's just THAT cold.

I do feel nice and crisp I guess that's good.

Note to self: start showering in the afternoon or at night again.


YogaNana said...

I can identify! Last weekend at Conifer, Saturday morning, I'm about to brush my teeth using warm water (because they're sensitive to cold) and the water WILL NOT warm up ... and it turns out the fuel tank was empty, no hot water all weekend. Sunday night, back home, straight into a hot tub. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Jenna Consolo said...

Ah yes, the cold shower.

No thank you.

Sarah said...

EEP! That's when you stand out as far in front of the water as possible, and tilt your neck back as far as you can to rinse all the shampoo/conditioner out. Been there, done that...don't like it!

Michelle said...

It's really cool that you live in a solar-powered house, though.

I was in the middle of taking a shower once when my brother-in-law thought it would be a good idea to change the water filter. First it was cold, then it was non-existant. Yay!