Sunday, September 28, 2008

And after the cake...

...this happened.

Calix's Birthday Dance from xximojoangelxxi on Vimeo.

This kid is SO awesome!


Saint Holiday said...

Happy Birthday, Calix! I know, I'm a little behind. (Some people would substitute another word for "behind.") Well, what can I do? I've been busy conferring with government leaders concerning the bailout they are planning for me. Maybe the Abidoo will make me a cake when I finally get my trickle. You dance the way I express my personal style everytime I get up off the couch to go to the bathroom. I should add music. I'll call Ground Control after Church. It will help me better articulate the anxieties of my generation. I see you're off to a great head stop, even at such a youthful stage. You've got it all, kid! Action, bravery, romance. Your parents should install air bags in your home. I love you.

The Escaped Crusader

YogaNana said...

Ahhh, it's so good to see the old family traditions being handed down! :o)

" say it's your birthday ..."

What a great little dude!

Hilary said...

lol what a cutie! I wish I still had that much excitement on my birthdays haha

Sarah said...

Happy belated birthday, Calix! That is an awesome dance move, btw! Don't ever lose it!

Very nice job on the cake, Abby! Josiah is trying to talk me into entering a cake contest that our ward will be doing at the Halloween party thing....I don't think I'm brave enough to attempt. I told him I'd buy one off Hannah to enter.