Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Home..home on the peninsula..

I know these aren't the greatest pictures ever and I know there's still a bunch to be done to this house..but it is what it is for now. There aren't any pictures of our bedroom in this batch because I was in the middle of washing our sheets when I took these pictures and who wants to see a halfway put together bedroom? I'll stop explaining myself to you now.

The front of the house. They're in the middle of putting irrigation the grass is a little thirstier than it normally would be. It has hopes of being plush and green one day, I think. I want to put 2 white rocking chairs on the front porch. I think it'd be cuter.

Side of the house..

The back of the house. It's solar powered (er half and half anyway)'s good.

The dining room.. and Maddox haha

Living room. I want one of those wooden signs that says "All because two people fell in love" and a bunch of framed pictures of the kids and us above the that's why it's kinda blank up there right now.

umm..the little office corner thing.

The other side of the main area..

This is also totally bland right about now and we need to buy more weights and what not..but yeah.. the gym

..the other side of the gym. Where I watch the sun come up on the daily haha.

kitchen and part of the laundry room. Maddox saying "cheese" for the camera.

The kids bathroom/guest bathroom

I adore this set, man..when I saw it, I couldn't wait till the boys had their own bathroom so I could decorate it in cute lil animals. I haven't put the boarder up yet..another thing on my list.

Part of Calix's room.. pretty boring still

Maddox's room. His room is even less decorated than Calix's. I need to put things up!

That's the majority of the house..minus our bedroom and bathroom. And ya know..closets and what not. It's nothing spectacular..but it's home and we like it.


Hannah said...

It's just Darling Abby!!

Hey you've got some ghosts too I see! (not that I really think that's what those are but whatever)

Micah said...

I can't wait to have a house!!! It'll be so exciting.

Sarah said...

Very cute!

We have that same shower set. Well, the shower curtain, soap dispenser and toothbrush holder. As far as the towels and rugs, I just got something that coordinated nicely cuz I couldn't justifying paying the price for the ones that went with the set. But I love it! I found the cutest wall hangings at Target the other day, that matches perfectly with the set. I had to buy them....since I'd been in search of something to hang on the wall since I bought the set.

YogaNana said...

All cute and wonderful! I love getting pictures of everybody's homes.

Nice orb, btw!

Jenna Consolo said...

Looks great! Love the shower curtain! It looks bigger than your last place, is it? And you have a gym!?! Nice!