Saturday, September 27, 2008

My big boy turned THREE (oh where does the time go??)!!

Happy Birthday, my sweet sweet boy.

Your actual birth day

Look, mommy tries, okay? Your 1st birthday

Mommy doesn't want to talk about this cake anymore. It happened. Your 2nd birthday.

I, for some reason, didn't get any pictures of you with your (sad) cake and some neighbor kids were the ones who opened your presents (which I think is rude) this is the best I could do with the birthday pictures thing for the 2nd. But look! Nana and Gramps were there! What awesome grandparents you have!

I hand carved this one and's the best one yet, I think. I'm no fancy cake decorator..but I do try. It's a dinosaur if you really couldn't tell


A dinosaur play tent/hut thing! Wooo!!!!

Families of dinosaurs! WOOO!!!!

..he's grubby. Pizza was his dinner request.

His awesome self blew out all of the candles!

We had a pretty low key kind of day. Spent some time at the playground (and when aunt Amanda called he said to her "hi, Amanda. It's my birthday. I'm going on the slide now..bye!" which had her laughing) and mommy's a bit burnt tonight. I think we're all worn out from the day's events..but it was, indeed, a very happy birthday.

I love you, sweetness! Muah!


bombadil2 said...

Glad to see Calix had such a great birthday. Wish we could have been there for it again this year.


YogaNana said...

Looks like he had a wonderful day! The cake is too cute, btw. :o)

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday Calix!!!

Hannah said...

Hey! That's a great cake Abby! Nice job!

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Anonymous said...

I love his cake! Good job! All of them actually, even if you call one sad, I think they look great!