Friday, September 26, 2008

The babes!

I don't know when it happened..but my kids just keep growing up! I wish they'd stop and stay my itty bitty babies who are so cuddle-able and I used to be able to cradle in one arm. Now to hold them that same takes effort. Because they totally struggle. But I swear I'm going to right up until they have their own babies. I'll scoop them up (even as adults! Struggle as you cannot get away from mommy's love) and hold them and say "remember when you were a baby and mommy could hold you like this?"..because I miss it.

Look at him! babyyyyy. When did he turn into a little boy?

I CANNOT believe he'll be 3 tomorrow. Refuse to believe it. Soon he'll be 14 and want to be dropped off at the corner because 'mommmmm you're so embarrassinggggggg'. Of course I'll have to follow him at that point and when he gets where he's going, jump out of the car and dance badly. It's how I roll.

Maddox- "heeelpppp" Calix- "stay still!" this picture just reminds me of Hannah for some reason. Like when we were way younger. I guess it's just a sibling thing.

This kid is always on the phone. Seriously. He carries it with him ALL over the house (even to bed) and flips it open from time to say "hello? hello? love you. bye" then flips it shut.

And this comes from nowhere, really..but I was looking through all of our photo albums last night and came across this one and got all sad..because dude..who would have thought I'd be pregnant just a couple of months later??

It's bad quality because I gave Noah my scanner years ago..never bought another it's a picture of a picture. I just threw those wings out. I was saving them and saving them because I wanted to mount them on a wall in my daughter's room..but she hasn't come yet..and the movers ripped them up. So there's that, I guess. Halloween is awesome.


Tamara said...

wow. maddox is like, a person now. holy cuteness!

Langen Family said...

Hello, your boys are so cute. I am finaly trying this blog thing it is fun. Ok I have only done one so far. You are good, do you post everyday?

Jenna Consolo said...

Oh, how they grow! Like weeds! Only cuter.

Hannah said...

Man they are getting big. I love the coloring on the pics too. is that sepia tone?

And holy hotness Abs! I like to look at old pictures of me and get all weepy too, but for different reasons! Hahaha!