Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hugs and Kisses

Just so the people who were worried can no longer worry anymore.. husband and I are fine. We don't fight often and we're not screamers or fist throwers when we do..we have heated discussions. Our communication skills are off the charts most days but every once in a while.. ya know, something goes unmentioned. But we're quick to talk things out and then we're back to being the same ol us we've always been. My number one favorite thing about having him as my husband is that he shares in the communication (we all have lapses so don't hold this one against him) and I know that so many other marriages don't have that going for them and it's super important. If you can't discuss are you supposed to live with and get along with the other person?

I've told him before that I wish I could be one of those wives that can be fake and act like she doesn't know something when she does or be all happy and chirpy when she's steaming mad on the inside or just be able to turn my head and look the other way at some things. I'm not that way and I've never been. I like to be involved and know what's going on as often as possible so I always feel in the loop and not someone standing around asking herself 'who is this man?'. I don't mind that quality in myself..I actually quite like it. And every time we have one of those discussions I know we both come out feeling better and stronger as a unit and that makes me that much more excited about our future together. Because folks, it'll be a long one. He can't get rid of me mwa ha haaaaa.

Anyway, so there's that. Life is good and bright again.

In other news, the Buick's battery died on O at work yesterday. He got a jump from someone and made it home for lunch and then took my sweet ride back to work with him and then to the University of Phoenix (he's going back to school to further his education in psychology) so he didn't get home till after the kids were in bed last night (I told you I feel like I never see him anymore!) so we haven't had the chance to even go get that whole thing taken care of. But he gets off of work today at 3 and has a 4 day weekend (tomorrow there's a get together for the family of his unit.) so we're gonna head in today to get it all fixed and drivable again. So obviously, the kids and I have been trapped here at home not able to run errands and go on joy rides. It's been pretty boring except for the entertainment the boys have been giving me. Calix likes to teach Maddox new words. This morning, they were playing and Calix was all "Maddox..say 'oh toodles!'" ya know..from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (we used to ask Calix to say it because he's all "oohhhh tttoooooooodddddllleeessss!!!!" totally into it) so Maddox said "oh too-als" and C said "yeah! Good job! Now say dinosaur" and it went on and on like that and I'm just down the hall giggling because AWWWW they're just so danged cute!

Okay, M is sitting next to me all stressed out because he keeps taking a truck apart and wants me to put it back together for him (noo!!! not again with this stuff!)..ya know..over and over again.

Till next time.


YogaNana said...

hugs and kisses always be a good thing!

Jenna Consolo said...

You and O are very, very fortunate to have good communication. Good for you.