Sunday, September 21, 2008

De-lurk yourself

You know what bothers me? Some days it's more than just a little bit..but look over to your right. If you haven't noticed it before, I'm telling you it's there now. I know who comes to this blog when they do and where they come from..whether it be a link they have bookmarked..clicked a link on another person's blog..or looked up some random wordings on Google. Also the city and state from which you come. Lots of people come here. Most of it's family. Some are people I don't even get along with (are you spying on me, or what?)..and some are just general lurkers.

At first it was neat to see where all of my readers come from..but then when these same people who come never say anything to got annoying.

I don't know when it actually is..or if there's even a real date this happens...but I'm going to go ahead and declare it DE-LURKING WEEK. I've never done that on my blog..but who are you? Who actually reads my blog? You know who you are. You people who come and read on the daily (sometimes more than once a day) and never say anything to me. Say something. Speak up. It's really getting annoying to see that all of these people read my blog (you CHOOSE to do it) and you never say anything.

Obviously, I'm not the most entertaining person in the world..but there's something that has you coming here.

Hi, my name's Abby. K, now it's your turn.


Anonymous said...

It's me Crystal...I'm the Tacoma, Washington one...and I'm hooked. Your in my favorites! awww...I like reading, the way you type has me cracking up all the time! I should comment more, but it'd just be how we sooo have this or that in common and why didn't we meet before I left Knox, and why didn't your bitch ass come to Lewis instead, so I don't.

Now I feel like I should open my LJ up so you can lurk on it, but I have haters and I get personal in sorry...I'd blog more on myspace, but it's not that personal!

YogaNana said...

Okay, you caught me. I'm one of the San Franciscos.


Hannah said...

I'm not sure which one is me. I'm in AJ but I only see Scottsdale and Mesa so I don't know.

That is a pretty sweet little doo-hicky though.

Trav and Kris said...

Ha ha...oh my gosh Abby! Uhmmm...I'm not a spy or a stalker. So I don't think I need to declare myself! But good luck finding those lurkers!!!

Jenna Consolo said...

Ah, yes the lurkers. We all have them, Abs. Sometimes it's fun to read without the pressure of writing something, so I'm sure they don't mean any harm. Consider it flattery that they keep coming back. I wish I knew who all of my lurkers are too.

Sarah said...

I'm Mesa. Well, I guess it could be Josiah or Rylie or Alyssa, but probably 90% of the's me.

Leslie said...

I have you on my google reader so some of the Mesa AZ is me!! I am Sarah's Sister-in-Law on the other side of the Family. I have wanted to comment many times but didnt feel like it was my place, so I have just been a blog stalker!! But I am harmless, I just love to read others blogs who keep it real! And the fact there is sort of a connection with family also makes it fun.

bombadil2 said...

And I'm another of the San Franciscos.


LB said...

OK, so some of the Mesa'a are me as well.
Uncle L.

Mindy said...

Hey, It's Mindy from AR. I've been around since LJ, pre-Orion, and pre-beautiful babies! Let's see... I sent you baby things when Calix was born, and worried when you were having trouble with him before he was born.
Since then, I've loved reading how you have dealt with all the ups and downs in your life, and from comments, find that I love reading your mom and sister's blogs too!
You are all strong women and I admire that.

Hilary said...

I show up as Salinas, but I live in Monterey. Weird? You know I loves ya and I check up on you as often as I can!