Monday, September 22, 2008

Chugga chugga woo wooooo!!!!

I want a train set. Don't laugh..I'm very serious about this. I don't want to go all crazy and be one of those people who sits in their garage for hours on the daily building, fixing, or racing them (or whatever it is they do)..I want one for my Christmas tree. Aww nice is that? That's so homey to me, ya know? Ah, it feels so warm just thinking about it.

My dad had a train set..from his childhood, I think..that he set up maybe a couple of times that I remember around the Christmas tree and man oh was just so great! I'm all about family and I want my babies to have awesome holiday memories like mine. I think it'd be right swell (who am I today? John-boy Walton??) if my boys had their own babies surrounding them while they patiently set up a train set around their own tree while mama's in the kitchen baking up some candy cane cookies (or maybe mom's setting up the train while dad bakes cookies..I'm not picky or trying to push ideals on others). Ah, that's so sweet. What childhoods are made of, I'm tellin ya. If only we all could have grown up in my make believe perfect family from the 50's.

One day, I'll have all kinds of Christmas decorations and what not..but for sure at the top of my list is a cute little train. Ideally, it'd be a Polar Express train (it puffs real smoke!)..but shoot, I'm not all that willing to pay $300 for one of those right now. Perhaps someday. However..I did find one I like that's on sale for like $ I told Orion maybe I want that for my birthday instead of a kitty. Is that weird of me? Hahaha..I don't even care.

I want a train!!!


YogaNana said...

Small clarification: I bought that train for your dad for Christmas one year. I think it was about $25. As I recall. :o)

Abby said...

See? That sort of thing is good to know. I thought that maybe it was just his from his childhood or something because it only came out of the basement..I think twice that I remember. But again..I AM the 7th child of 9 so I suppose some things just stop coming out of the basement after a while, huh?