Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little clarification, I hope.

Oy..I wasn't trying to be all mysterious with that last one..I was just trying to save the men folk who read some unwanted vomiting.

When Jenna and Hannah asked..I e-mailed them (and mom) this:


I had the full explanation of what's going on up yesterday but felt like it was maybe a bit too much information for everyone. But I guess the summary is.. my periods have been all kinds of messed up since the miscarriage in June. I skipped all of July and then have been getting them every 2 weeks since August 1st with a very small break in between. I thought that it was *maybe* my body getting used to being on birth control again but after it showed up on the 20th (fourth time in less than 2 months), I got fed up and called the hospital here. It's not my birth control, they said. And after drilling me for about an hour and a half and doing a body exam and everything they determined that they would need to draw blood and do an ultrasound to see what's *really* going on because either I'm pregnant with a new baby (I highly doubt it) have leftover bits from that last failed pregnancy (gross, right?) or tumors on my uterus. But I assume if all of those are ruled
out, I'll be poked more to get answers because it's all just too strange and no one has any real answers until all testing is done.

Did that help at all or are you guys still confused? other baby turns 3 on Saturday. NOOO!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck finding out what's going on. Are you taking anything for the migraines that you've talked about...I'm not relating the issues, I've been getting PARALYZING migraines dr told me with the next one to go to the ER and have a shot in the back of my head.