Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wait, real quick!

So I'm in the kitchen and Calix is at the gate and I'm asking him what he wants for lunch "Do you want grilled cheese?" "no" "do you want nuggets?" "no" "do you want a corn dog?" "no." "do you want a quesadilla?" "no" "do you want mac n cheese?" "no" "leftover fettuccine alfredo from last night?" "" "peanut butter and jelly?" "no" "peanut butter and honey?" "no" "a hotdog?" "no!" "fish sticks?" "no.." "uhhh..that's pretty much all I've got, man. What do you want?" "uhhmmm...popcorn!" "popcorn?! You can't have popcorn for lunch! Who do you think you are, grandpa Holiday??"

Then I broke out in a fit of laughter.


Jenna Consolo said...

Just had to share...Adam has popcorn for lunch almost every day. He says it's a "salad". Corn=veggie=salad. Pathetic.

Hannah said...

Yay! You're back!!

Sweet pictures Abby!

Hannah said...
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YogaNana said...

Adam would be horrified by my salads - they're green and stuff.

So did you remind Calix that there's always the peanut butter option?

Abby said...

Of course he knows about the peanut butter option..I even gave him two of those options. Normally he asks for peanut butter and jelly honey..which I think is he never gets it. but he likes peanut butter and honey on wheat to an extreme. He takes after his mom that way. :)

Saint Holiday said...

Well gee whiz, popcorn was named after me, wasn't it? Corny Pop. If you had offered the kid a veggieburger, I'm sure he would have leapt at the opportunity. He has my chromosomes. (Hey, kid, give them back!) Great young man, that Calix. We have high hopes for him. He may save this family.
The Old Kid on the Chopping Block