Thursday, August 21, 2008

Delgado family day of fun!

Special shout-out goes to Jenna for helping a gangsta out with the background. Love you!

Anyway..zoo! Honolulu Zoo is literally right across the street from Waikiki beach (can I just say the amount of homeless people in Waikiki is depressing? They make me want to gather up all of my cans and donate them to randoms on the weekly..but I know it would do no good because it would just go to alcohol or drugs and ya just makes me sad) so it was good times and if I had your cell number and you could receive picture messages..I sent you pictures of Waikiki beach on our way to the zoo. You're welcome.

Me and the boys...checkin out some birds

I swore those turtles weren't real. There were about 5 logs with turtles literally stacked all over one another and they just weren't of course I thought they were fake. Check out that big mama jama swimming to the surface!

I couldn't believe it..I'd never seen an orangutan sleeping like Maddox..butt in the air before! Awww..don't you just want to spoon him/her??

And then we went bowling. It was the Delgado family day of fun!

Don't let him fool you..he wasn't bowling. He was crying. I think he was sad because he couldn't pick up the balls..and everyone was just tossing them away and he couldn't figure out why. He just wants to cuddle a ball.

Calix *loved* it! He got a chance to bowl with each of us..I'd go..he'd go..O'd go..he'd go. It was good times.

Go baby, go! Go baby, go! I think that was the ball that stopped in the middle of the lane and O tried to knock out of the way but then someone who worked there had to come fix the whole mess. But other than that one ball..he was pretty good!

I was throwin strikes all over the place. I felt bad for making O look so bad..and I'm not even that good! O and his gutters..teehee

I won! Woo!! I won!!!

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Jenna Consolo said...

I LOVE this background! I had my eye on it too, but figured I had to go with something red, being 'cranberry corner' and all. Glad you got it worked out. Isn't it fun? Don't you just want to come to your blog all the time just to see how pretty it is?

Looks like fun! I love zoos! I'm dying to take Conor soon.