Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The north shore

Guess who's baccckkkk??

Okay okay you can stop's me! Horray! Horray for the lovely Time Warner man named Noah (am I the only one who does that thing where someone tells you their name and they have the same name as one of your siblings so you're all "hey! I have a brother named Noah! Awww"??) Anyway.

Our house is half naked..we're rockin the lawn chairs indoors..the new tv is on a fold away table (everything extra we bought has other big fold away table can be used for when all kinds of family comes out! Or when lots of people come over or as a buffet table! I'm mostly hopeful) we're on the big air mattress..Calix has his own (I don't want any excuses as to why anyone would ever need to stay in a hotel! You will NOT stay in a hotel and you will NOT rent a car while you're here (I mean if you REALLY want can..but I'm trying to pride myself in that the only thing you'll need to pay airfare.) I figure if I can make it so the people with the biggest families all have a place to sleep..we're good. Also car rentals and hotels get come stay with us and I'll cook for you.). It's's pretty bare up in here. I hear our things should be here no later than next week..but hey, at least I have the majority of my kitchen stuff and our's a start.

Ya'll..I've missed you oh so much. I want to stay up and talk over a fire pit all night sipping on the occasional glass of wine while tiki torches keep the buggies away..but I have too many pictures to share. Too many! Plus, I'm too frightened to go into the backyard right now because there are so many roaches I want to vomit. Traumatized. They come to spray on the 4th (I don't think that's soon enough) but in the meantime we've set up all kinds of traps back there and sprayed everywhere (and I don't want to hear about how that's not fair of me to do because they're not IN my house..just out back..and front..because HI, I WANT TO BE ABLE TO GO RELAX IN MY OWN BACKYARD WITHOUT FREAKING OUT BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE THE ROACHES ARE CARRYING THE YARD AWAY WITH THEM. Sick.). One found its way into the gym last night just as I was flashing my husband and when I looked down, it was sitting at my feet. I kid you not when I tell you I ran away and hugged a wall while crying. They disgust me that much.

Anyway. Pictures!

The second day we were here..we went exploring and found the North Shore first and then after that, we wrapped around the entire island (but I was too busy being too sick to take pictures of anything else after these that day).

Calix was extra afraid at first..but now he begs to go to the beach

They had a sand fight while they figured the stuff out

Maddox's way of saying "Wish you were here!"

Wish I could finish this..but I do have children. So..later. But it's better than nothing!


Jenna Consolo said...

Yay! I've been missing you too! I hope we get to come out there someday. You're in Hawaii! Lucky! It's beautiful, of course.

hilary said...

woohoo!!! thanks for the update!

YogaNana said...

It's WAY better than nothing! Sheesh, I thought you'd NEVER get back online!

I like the picture of the sandy baby foot best.

Oh, and that gesture used to mean *hang loose.* Does it still?

Abby said...

It's the shaka sign's the Aloha spirit! It's 'hang loose' on the mainland..but it's basically a hand gesture that means everything "aloha" means like.. "all right", "hello", "goodbye", "cool", "smooth", "take care", "till next time", "alright!". It's good times.

Abby said...

Hilary! Little miss! I've been wondering about you! When are you due? Have you had your little boy yet? If much longer??? I just have this feeling I've missed something!

Hilary said...

I'm doing good! Sooo tired of being pregnant though. I'm 36, almost 37 weeks. Doc says my kid has a big head and isn't sure I'll be able to deliver him on my own. But other than that everything is going great and I'm getting really excited!