Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh the stresssss

I know..posts are few and far between..but there's so much going on here it's hard to find the time to get down here and if I HAVE the time, I'm just so dang tired I can't find the energy. Forgive me. This is a super long process.

We spent a week looking at houses all over the island. We literally put 1,133 miles on the rental..which seems impossible..but it happened. Then Schofield claimed they had a house for us so we got super excited and they then said a few days later that oh, the people still live in the house. Womp womp wommpppp. Orion had a random meeting with navy housing down at Pearl Harbor on Monday. He called and told me they had a house ready for us that day so he came to pick me and the kids up and we checked it out. It wasn't a 2 story like I had my heart set on..but there was for sure enough space for all of our furniture and then some. Tons and tons of storage..2 full bathrooms and oh yeah, central air (which is extra hard to come by out here turns out). I thought about all of our furniture in this space..the plans we have for the next few months..I saw the covered patio that was basically another room and we're turning into our work out room..and then there's a backyard..with a tall wooden fence..and I thought about how YES..the kids can finally run around all they want out there without worrying me about them running away. All of it just felt we headed back to sign the papers. YES!

We move in tomorrow morning bright and early. Our unaccompanied baggage (' toys..) shows up in about a week and then roughly 2 weeks later our household goods arrive.

BUT! Guess who arrived and got picked up earlier on today? Little Miss Buick herself. Awww..I missed her so hard! We walked out and saw her bright happy grill of a smile and I swear she was almost panting and wagging her tail like an excited puppy. I was like "eee!!!!"..because while I know she doesn't have the greatest confidence since that deer ran into her side a few months back..I love her. I love her because she's just so swell and rides so smoothly and WAY better and more comfortable than those rentals did. Ugh. There's nothing quite like driving a good friend after you've been so lonely for things that you KNOW. It's good to have her back. Orion let her know she'll be retiring here..haha..awww. I was all "don't talk bad about her while she's around!". She's a good girl and even the guys that got to drive her gave her some pretty sweet compliments.

We're STILL working on picking up the van. It's frustrating more than anything because getting your license after having it suspended should NOT be this difficult. He has his permit still and because he wasn't on the rental agreement because hi, he wasn't licensed..that was a problem. I said "well, since I'm the over 21 licensed driver and the car's in my name..can't I just sit in the backseat while he does his test?" I don't see why not, really. Liability schmiability. SO..he's sitting next to me fixing our car insurance so it actually has him on it now so he can go BACK in on Monday as a walk in and see if he can squeeze in for his test. That's the only thing holding us back from picking up the dang van..and yeah..because it's in HIS name..I can't pick it up. It's all annoying. I'm tired of this whole thing and I just want the entire move over and done with. I'm more than thrilled to be out of the hotel tomorrow though. Good..ness.

The kids are freaking out and running all over the place and I'm more than a little embarrassed by it all. I need to take the reigns.

Till next time.


YogaNana said...

One great big YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And when do we get pictures?

Micah said...

Hawaii, here we come!!! Seriously though, this gives us an excuse to get out there.