Monday, August 25, 2008

"Daddy go potty? YAYYY!!! Daddy go potty!"

As per usual..the beach was stressful for me. I don't know how I got this way, but I'm friggin high strung, man. I used to just go with the flow! Now I go with the flow and complain about it on the way back. Wet sand makes me angry. Sand all over my new ride makes me feel tense. I love the beach..I can't stand the after shock. And it *always* shocks me.

We went to one of those kid friendly beaches with a lagoon. I need water shoes. No, we all need water shoes. OUCH! The rocks! I was following Orion in while cradling Calix on my hip and each time he took a step, everything behind him would get clouded so I couldn't see the when I'd step down and "ow!" he'd be up front going "lighter steps, Cuddlebug". Yeah, okay, sweetie..light steps..but onto sharp rocks. Once that part was over, we realized we should have brought snorkeling masks because that's literally what everyone there was doing. I don't know what they were looking at though, because except for a few small fish..all that was there to see were rocks. We sat (er, I squatted because last time, I had way more sand all up in my ehem ehem than I'd ever like. Ever.) and played and splashed around with the babies for a while before deciding to pack it on up and head on home so the kids could nap and all of that good stuff (am I the only one who worries about leaving stuff on the beach while you go play in the water because someone might steal it? I'm not very trusting that way). I burnt my feet on the sand on the way out. Literally. I have tiny tiny little blisters on the tips of my toes. So attractive..reoww, here I come, baby! Seriously.

I climbed into the van and changed the children while lovingly giving advice to the hubs (he called it nagging) about how he should probably climb in and help me out instead of standing outside and watching me do all the work. I don't see how that could possibly come off as nagging (teehee)..but apparently..

Look, I was cranky and I don't deny it. The sun zapped every drop of my energy from me and I hadn't eaten. Tread softly, ya know? So then I had to drive home. I get's my car..I need to learn the roads and what not out here..but golly! I was soooo sleepy. I made him listen to my workout mix (which includes Britney) the wholeeee way home. He's welcome.

I need beach survival tips. How do you NOT bring so much sand home with you?? That's my only gripe.

Yay for sunscreen mohawks!

See what I mean by rocky?

In other news..Orion and I had back to back dr's appointments today. I sat in the waiting room blushing for him because I could hear him inside speaking way too loudly about his stuff. It's quiet..there are people all around and then you hear "IT'S NOT THAT I URINATE FREQUENTLY..." and I'm just like 'oh my gosh!' and redden up for him. He didn't know the walls were so thin. I made sure to speak in a little voice when it was my turn. He asked me if I'm on a low salt diet and I was all "uh..I don't pour salt down my throat if that's what you mean..".

So..officially I'm *finally* on blood pressure meds..and acid reflux meds..and my headache prevention but then also meds in case one flares up anyway..and then a birth control refill. I'm tellin ya I'm only half joking when I say I needed a shopping cart to carry all of my meds out.

Good times.


Hannah said...

Yeah I haven't takne the kids to the beach yet but it's not something I look forward to. I'm more of a cabin in the mountains kind of girl rather than a beach girl.

Oh and hey! I just got on migraine meds too! They are a God-send for reals!

Sarah said...

Hilarious docs office story! TOO funny!

I often have to tell Josiah to help out. Usually when he's sitting in front of the TV while I'm trying to get lunches made for 3 kids plus I still have to get them breakfast, comb/brush their hair and everything else, and Camden doesn't have his shoes/socks on. The "nagging" probably starts while he's still in bed and I'm like..."come on...I need you to get up now and shower, so you can be available when I need your help..." I always feel bad, but afterall, they are his kids too.

Sarah said...

Other than that, he's perfect!....

(Mostly I hate ratting him out to his family...)

Jenna Consolo said...

I'm like you, Abby. Not exactly a beach bunny. It's so much dang work with kids. I hate sand, saltwater, and sweat, so I have to will myself to be happy and have a good time. I usually do, but it's definitely gotten easier as the kids have gotten older and can do their own work. Our beaches here have showers outside with cement floors to rinse off. But one hint is to hang out for a while and get good and dry before you leave. Sand brushes off dry bodies, and not so much wet ones.

hilary said...

ooooh I've never thought about all the sand this kid is going to bring home with him. Greaaaat! Another mess for me to freak out over lol

YogaNana said...

I hear all that sand-everywhere stuff, but there's just nothing in the world like sitting on a beach (blanket!) and watching/hearing/smelling/ the surf, or standing in it while it pulls the sand from around your feet. Ooh, I can hear the gulls screaming overhead now ... I LOVE the ocean and don't go there nearly often enough. (Well, it involves putting on shoes and getting into the car and then looking for a parking place.) Still, it's much easier without small children.

But a cabin in the mountains is not to be sneezed at, either.