Thursday, August 28, 2008

"I'm too good for this"

Yesterday morning, the power went out. I called to see when they thought it would be back on and they had no idea because a transformer (robots in disguiseeee) blew. I got dressed..put the kids in some play clothes and headed out to go find a park. Shoot, if it's going to be hot..might as well have the kids be entertained, right? I *almost* just grabbed Cars or something to go sit in the driveway and watch. I decided to be a better mom than that.

I drove around for a little bit before finding out that the biggest and best park around here was...2 blocks down from my house. I had no idea otherwise I would have just walked instead of looking so silly loading them up and driving down the street to unload them. Silly me! I didn't have my camera with me..but at times like's good to know you have your trusty phone with an okay camera.

The smaller play structure for 2-8 year olds

He was cracking me up..shaking the chains like he was in jail

Calix decided the smaller playground was for babies and ran over to the 8-12 year olds structure. Oh good golly. He kept threatening to go down the big slides!

And then would run away when I'd tell him it was okay as long as I was at the bottom to catch him

He didn't really think I'd fall for him going down the big tunnel slide, did he? Look, he won't even go down a baby slide by himself.

My kids are pretty much awesome. Pretty much.

Afterwards (ie when my sunglasses were sliding down my face because it was so hot), it didn't look like electricity was back on at home I decided to venture around town..see what I could find. It turns out, there's a huge shopping center above Sam's Club that I'd never been to before (but let me tell you how much I love Sam's Club and stocking our house up! I don't think we'll need toilet paper for at least a year.) so I parked and loaded the kids up into the stroller and we went shopping for a while until it was late enough in the day that Orion was going to be home for we picked some food up and headed home. It felt good to actually be able to load the kids up whenever I wanted and just....leave. I need to practice backing the van up into our driveway a bit more (it took me 2 tries to get it perfect..but was my first time trying to back it up at all) so it doesn't feel like I'm going to knock the mirrors off..haha. *cough* well, this is embarrassing.

Today, we had to go to Hickam AFB for a luncheon with Orion's new company. I wasn't totally thrilled to go..just one of those moods..but I tried anyway. Have you ever been somewhere where you don't feel entirely welcome yet? Good golly gosh! I felt like crying! That's not to say everyone was completely rude..because a few people Orion's semi-close to were talking to us and trying to find us a place to sit (showing up with 4 people after just about everyone's kind of hard to negotiate) and were totally friendly..this one woman came up to me and basically asked me if I wanted to come to her church with her (???). But I had all of this sweat running down my legs and EW..just didn't feel comfortable with the whole was tired and my blood sugar was low (and the food was joke. Maddox would barely eat it and that kid eats grass..and paper.) I asked Orion if we could just we did. We had an argument because he didn't quite understand everything that was going on and why I wanted to leave..until I explained it all..and blah blah blah. I don't know. Arguments are stupid..especially when they're over nothing.

We then went to Sam's club to restock the things we ran out of and to also pick up the freezer so I can really bulk buy. Yay! Life's good.

But you know what's even better? Household goods show up tomorrow!!!!! HORRAY!!!!!! Almost 2 months without our things! No more lawn chairs! No more air mattresses!! Eating at a REAL table!!!!! My treadmill!!!! AHH!!!!!!! I'm SO excited!!!

Anyway. So tomorrow between 12 and 2 they'll be here. I'm practically dancing already.


Jenna Consolo said...

The Transformer joke in the beginning cracked me up.

And your phone's camera is better than my actual camera.

It's tough being female and sweaty at the same time, isn't it? Shouldn't Orion know that by now? :)

Lucky, lucky you to get a freezer! I dream of a freezer! You have a great life, Abs! And a great man and kids to boot! xo!

Saint Holiday said...

The kids are beautiful and full of energy. You must be feeding them still. Yeah! Your furniture is coming! Hey, can I borrow your lawn chairs until I can afford furniture? I love you. Salute the mighty Hero for me, and kiss the kids several times on all upper cheeks.
The Ancient of Weeks