Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Y-y-yes, Docta!

Doctor's appointment was today. It was mostly a physical and what not...but I still talked to her about this depression thing I've got going on lately. First of blood pressure is super high. They thought it would go down after Maddox was born..but it just hasn't. I need to go in for the next 5 mornings to get it taken and then from there they'll decide whether I need to go on medication for that.

Also..possibly diabetic. Going in on Saturday with an empty tummy to do one of those sugar tests to figure out if I am for sure or not.

Wait, there's more.

She's pretty sure the birth control that I'm using now is the cause of my horrible headaches and depression seeings as they both started a bit after I started taking those pills and they happen to be side effects. I can no longer use a pill that has estrogen in it because of everything combined and I'm now on a progestin pill again (which was the same one I was on after giving birth to I'm at least familiar with the thing).

I also talked to her about how when we get to Hawaii and find out when Orion is deploying again..or if he is anytime soon..we're going to start trying for baby #3 (and final.)..ya know..if he can be there for the birth. Otherwise we're just going to wait. It's getting kinda hard to wait though because come onnnnn..there are cute new babies EVERYWHERE and come onnnn can't I have another sweet baby? Maybe a girl this time? Come on...let me have a girl. I've been so good! Haha. Anyway, I I talked to her about the possibility of a third baby and she decided to start me on prenatals so that when we ARE body will also be ready. Or something.

I talked to her about my weight issues and she suggested I go see a dietitian..but that it might be better to just wait until we get to Hawaii to do that because we're leaving so soon and what not. I'm not happy about possibly gaining more weight from the new pills but she's right when she says "well..would you rather stay on this stuff and possibly have a stroke..or gain a couple of pounds?"

...hmmm...stroke...gain a few pounds...stroke..GAIN A FEW POUNDS..hmmm..hold on, I'm thinking.

Hey..Happy Birthday, Josiahhhh!!!!!

Who wants to go swimming???


Jenna Consolo said...

Abby, I'm glad you went to the doctor. It sounds like things are at least getting on the way to being solved, though I hope you're not diabetic! That can be reversed though, so the important thing is that you're on top of it all. And don't say 3rd is final! No! Not until your babies are older and you can see straight. You can't make that decision in the madness! :) You're such a good mommy and you make cute babies! :)

chelsea said...

I'm so happy that you talked to a smart person there....yay!!! one less stupid person in Kentucky...yay! So very glad that all is underway now too....and boy it makes sense now that I think about it too...cuz shit I had a lot of the same issues cuz of deedeedee Chelsea....but hey..yay for you feeling the way your cute surfer was mighty handsom today....gotta say i'm happy i went with the hawk...:)

YogaNana said...

Whew!!!!!!! SO glad you got to the doctor and glad that the depression may be only a reaction to your meds. High BP is very controllable. We'll hope for a *no* on the diabetes, but if it's a *yes,* then you'll be eating really really healthy and taking excellent care of yourself, by golly.

Sarah said...

You're so brave, Abby! I stay far far away from doctors. I dread the TRUTH! I know how bad that is though. Someday I'll go in and find out all the things that are wrong with me.

Micah said...

I'm with you Sarah. I hate the doctor very much. I'm afraid it will be Jack Nicholson-esque from a Few Good Men, like, "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!!". Someday I'll get the strength to go in myself.

Saint Holiday said...

Would you go see your Bishop and ask for a Priesthood blessing? If not, I'm going to send one to you transcontinentally, wrapped in love.

A trembling parent,
standing on the edge of eternity