Saturday, June 07, 2008

Flip flop tan lines are cute..but that statement has nothing to do with this post. It's just an opinion.

Well, the lab is open this morning and I suppose I could go get my bloodwork done..but I've literally been planning on making whole wheat banana blueberry pancakes all week. I would have made them earlier on..but Orion hasn't been home much in the mornings and I like for him to have those sorts of things with us. The weekends are our big breakfast days. He usually takes Saturday and I get Sunday..but dang it..I *want* those pancakes. Today. And seeings how I can't have anything in my belly (not even water. What's up with *that*???) for these tests I shouldn't technically make them today. know what I think? The lab's always open the rest of the screw it, I'm making them by golly!

It always makes me blush when my full name is called while I'm in a waiting room. It's not everyday you hear my name (not even me..) so when I'm sitting there trying to calm my nerves so I can have the lowest blood pressure reading possible and they come out and say "Abigail?" and I stand up..literally everyone's ears perk up and then they stare at me. It's sad when I'm not even used to my own name, ya know. Sometimes when Orion calls me Abby (which is RARE, lemme tell you), it catches me off guard and I'm like..'oh yeah..that's my name' or ' actually know my name??'. It's almost like he's cheating on me and accidentally calling me someone else's name..but's actually mine. Funny how that works.

Anyway..blood pressure yesterday was 136/87 which isn't as bad as it was 2 days prior when it was 146/87. I'm wondering if them taking me off a pill with estrogen really is the cause of the lower numbers. Guess we'll see as time goes on.

The babes are up and whining for me to come rescue them..but before I throw caution to the wind and head down to make those delicious pancakes...

He grabbed Orion's workout shake thing and started shoving his face in it to get the remnants. His head could fit in the entire mug. Awwww..Maddox you little angel..get over here so I can squeeze you!

Today, I will attempt to get a video of the 2 boys chasing eachother all around the saying "rawwwrrr!!!!!" and the other running like mad squealing his head off. It's possibly the cutest thing they've done yet (except hold hands in the car because AWWWWW) and it fills the mommy heart to the point where I'm gasping for more air. Oh I love love LOVE those two!


chelsea said...

very glad to hear that it's lowered...sounds like it was the pills....that is so good that its getting better.

Jenna Consolo said...

I just wanted to say that I'm the same way when Adam calls my name. It sounds so weird to hear his voice say "Jenna" because it's usually some cute pet name. I never thought about it before, though.

Sarah said...

I agree totally with the name thing! Josiah and I tend to call each other "babe" or "bebe" and so when he says my name it throws me off guard! Like I'll say...."I love you babe!" and he responds with "I love you too, Sarah"... Then I'm like...."uh...thanks?" So yeah, it's almost akward, not natural.

And this has nothing to do with your post...but I used to think flip flop tan lines were cute too, until I had a super bad one, because that's all I wear, and it often just makes me think my toes are grungy. Which they're not. but I'm usually wearing jeans with them, and so the top of my foot is not as dark as my toes, because it gets covered by the hem of my pants, therefore not getting as much sun as my toes. I think it mostly just bothers me when I want to wear a pair of sandals with a completely different strap and so the tan line funks it up...y'know? Ok, I'm done rambling!