Monday, June 02, 2008

Swimmy swim

Yesterday, Chelsea and her crew brought over a baby pool and a slip n slide so the kids could all have a good time. The locusts are out and in effect..and ya know..the kids don't wanna play with the on to Miss Abby's house it was. After battling the shed spiders to get the hose out (which was totally kinked because I randomly threw it in at the spiders last year and haven't thought of it since) and some set up via Chels and her husband, was on. I took some pictures.

Maddox, Calix, and Briana

He reminded me so much of myself. While everyone else was in and out of the pool..he stayed put and played. When I was younger..once I got into the pool, I stayed till I was forced out.

Even turning on the spraying palm tree didn't do anything but excite him

Maddox, Bri, and Chels

Calix and a turtle..he really likes them, man

Alana on the slip n slide


I really like this one. It makes me happy! Ps..when did lil man get so big? Wasn't he like 4 pounds and living in the hospital last week???

Maddox reeling in the ladies.

Also! Hey..happy birthday, Alyssa!


Josiah said...

Good Times. Remember the crappy wading pools we'd try to cool off in during the summer? Hard plastic 4' in diameter with pictures of fish and crap on the bottom. Or if the wading pool was cracked (usually), "let's run through the sprinkler!" whee. Kids today may not have all the freedom we had as kids, but their toys sure are better.

Jenna Consolo said...

I was just gonna say, Siah! Like, when did kiddie pools get so cool? My goodness! I'd lounge about in that thing! Sounds fun, Abs! Great pics.

Sarah said...

Awww! What fun! My kids keep beggin for me to buy some sort of el cheapo pool for them to sit in. I bought a slip 'n slide last year and the tube thing that squirted water out was popped the first day! Totally lame! Especially when they wanted me to fix it and tape didn't exactly do the trick!

chelsea said...

that was a pretty awesome day...can't wait till my demons get ungrounded so we can do it again...if they stop breaking rules we'll totally be there every day chilling and bringin you love...:) loved the pics...shit your's turned out way better than mine..i kept getting the babies backs the whole was a blast thanks for having us....and dude..back in the day, we just had a tarp that we put oil on and then the hose on...hahahahaha...was fun...oh the shit we did for fun back then

YogaNana said...

Hey, *I* had a sprinkler that waved from one side to the other ... you could stand on one side and wait for it to pass over you, or you could really go for it and chase it back and forth.

Cute pictures as always, Abs!

Hannah said...

That looks like such fun Abby. It seems I buy a stupid little wading pool for the kids every year and every year we end up throwing it out for one reason or another.

Micah said...

I just remember filling that camper top with water and swimming in that. The heck with a slip and slide though. They are almost always an accident waiting to happen.

Josiah said...

rofl at Micah's post. that was awesome. Buncha suburban hillbillies.