Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hi, shame..I'm Abby.

I'm embarrassed. I'm SO embarrassed!

We had to go get a new copy of my car's title because though they swear it was mailed to us..we never got it. Anyway, I was wearing a long dress and happened to be wearing underpants underneath. I know..shocker. No..that's not all. They were full butt Happy Bunny underpants. I'd been wearing them for a couple of hours..and after we did the car title thing, I was all "ugh..these are annoying me..they're like..baggy" so I took them off in the car and stuffed them under the seat because we were going shopping at Walmart for some things. O decided to get the oil changed while we were there..and as I'm holding Calix and standing in their garage..I hear him say something about cleaning out the car. I don't I go in with Calix to find a cart. He finds me and blah blah blah..we shop for a while.

As O was loading bags into the trunk..I was putting the kids in their car seats. Those ginormous underpants..are hanging off of Maddox's seat. Very funny, O..very funny, I thought. So I asked him and he said he didn't think he touched them..but that maybe as he was digging trash out from the backseat he threw them up there or something. "But they were hanging like an ornament. You did that?" "That? No. Oh, you know what probably happened? I had them vacuum out the car. They were stuffed under the seat? Yeah, they probably got sucked in so they pulled them out and put them there." "Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh I'm so embarrassed!!!"

And of course they HAD to be grannies and not anything skimpier. Of course..because that's just how my life goes. I'll bet the guys had an awesome laugh and probably played toss the pannies around.


chelsea said...

LMFAO oh my god girl, if it's not the wind it's something....hahhahaha...I would never ever show my face there again....I would die....I feel your pain hun....:) At least they didn't just like steal your panties that's a good thing...:)

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