Sunday, June 29, 2008

10 Days!

There's so much stuff all over my house and ya's driving me just a little crazy. It's all stuff we bought over the new luggage (I bought a bunch of those space saver bags because ya know..if it can help me out..I'm willing to try it. And also one of those luggage carts because we're going to have SO much coming with us..and hey..does anyone know if they'll actually let me bring the double stroller ONTO the plane instead of checking it? Anyone?) and those huge plastic tubs to put *stuff* into (I finally wanted to get holiday decorations out of cardboard boxes and organize them by box color) among countless other smaller items (like the coolest dang hair dryer ever that literally dried my mid-back length hair in 5 minutes instead of 20)..and it's all supposed to make our lives easier (woo! for a huge set of MATCHING silverware! And MATCHING glass and stemware! haha) and the move to Hawaii smoother. Get rid of the old stuff now..get new stuff to bring with us..that way we start over fresh and aren't paying ridiculous prices for everything there that we can get here. Let's open a box and be excited to use some of this stuff, man. We've suffered too long with hand-me-downs..never had a big wedding so we never got any wedding gifts or anything which is normally where a large chunk of your stuff comes from. But it's okay..I forgive everyone I've ever known for shafting us anyway.

I finally got a nice set of tupperware because the other stuff I had? We've had since we got our first apartment together like 4 years ago and while I commend Safeway for selling disposable tupperware that even lasts that long..something's gotta give. Not everything can be shoved into little 4 inch squares all the time, ya know? Oy. It was time.

But it's just so embarrassing. Chelsea came over earlier to finally fetch her pools from my shed..and granted, we didn't get home until 10:30 last night so the kids slept in till 9 (which blew my mind. I was up at 7 tapping my fingers just waiting for one of them to wake up) suffice it to say..our day started fairly late and I certainly wasn't expecting anyone to come witness the explosion that was my house this morning. Literally..right after she left, I got to work. I was *that* embarrassed.

I got to roll my hair up into huge hot rollers today and ended up with the best sex kitten hair that was fun. Orion's mouth was just gaped open like "dang, babe." so that's silly.

I cut Orion's hair. I'm sorry. That's all I'm going to say about it. grows back quickly?

I feel so ADD right about now. Weeee!


chelsea said...

That's really cool you were able to get such great stuff cuz dude, fo' sho' they'll be way more expensive over there. Don't worry about the're like moving in 10 days or so...and come on....houses are a wreck when moves are had toys around that Maddox was playing with and your suit cases...not a huge chill. You won't be able to take on the stroller, you'll have to check it, unless you can figure out how to get it to fit in the over head would be funny shit! Be safe girl on your move..and remember to just breathe

Sarah said...

Our house is the same. We got home from church yesterday and my visiting teachers called to ask if they could come over and I had to reject them. Our front room is filled with boxes and other mess that has been pulled out and waiting to be boxed up.

I bought us some new plates and cups yesterday also. It was on clearance at Target and I really couldn't resist. I've got some TUPPERWARE brand stuff that I bought from my sil several years back, but it's mostly mismatched. Purple dinner plates and a variety of different colored cups. I like the style of the cups, but I want something that matches and I don't want to pay TUPPERWARE prices for enough of what I need. I think Josiah thinks I'm crazy, but we're women! We gots to keep our kitchens pretty!

Jenna Consolo said...

No picture of the cute hair????