Thursday, June 26, 2008

13 Days!

Almost paradise! We're knocking on Hawaii's door. Almost could we ask for moreeee? I swear that I could see forever in yourrr eyeesss paradiseeee.

Sorry. I've been singing that for the past few days. I'm just so excited! EEE!!! Everything's coming together so nicely and the pre-inspection happens in a couple of hours. That's where the housing office here comes and takes a look at your house to determine if there's any real damage to the property..and they take note. Then they come back the day everything gets packed up..hopefully see all areas to *really* see if there's any damage more than normal wear and tear and then they write up a nice bill that we have to pay. Hopefully..there isn't more than normal wear and tear. I mean, yeah..the highchair was always near the they'll have to be repainted..and there are little holes where I have things hung up..but I never used a nail bigger than the ones that are allowed. I think once everything is out and I can do the final scrub down..there shouldn't be any real issues. It's not like we went around punching holes in walls or anything..but we'll see.

O picked up our plane tickets last week. Looks like we'll be stopping in Chicago and then going straight to Honolulu from there (a nice 9 1/2 hour flight..horray for not having to drag kids and *stuff* through airports!). Then since we don't *really* want to stay at the Inn at Schofield Barracks for multiple weeks because they don't have at least one separate sleeping area (hi, I have kids who nap and also if we're all stuck in one small room for weeks..I'll go crazy)..we're not making reservations. Kinda hoping that since they're just about full all the time..they will be and then they'll send us down to the Hale Koa where there ARE separate sleeping areas and the beach is also within walking distance. However, the Inn has to be full in order for that to crossed! That's really the only part that feels stressful to me. I need to have at least a half kitchen and one bedroom because of the children needing things and the naps and all of that. Plus, I'm fairly positive that Orion and I will want some private time during the multiple weeks (or months..but we're being positive!) we're stuck in a hotel and waiting for our house to be ready..and I'm not one of those people that feels okay getting it on in front of..or children. I'll pass, thanks. I'm not into the whole deep scars that require years of therapy to figure out where they come from thing.

I believe it'll even take a month for our car to get there and since we're getting a new car for me..we're gonna head out the day after we get in to start looking so we don't have a super expensive rental for a month. I think that's the smartest thing to do, really. Our unaccompanied baggage will show up around August 9th..and our furniture (whether we have a house or not at this point) shows up August 29th..but it could take a few days to have it delivered (or put in storage).

Orion officially got picked up for Sgt (they dropped the ball last time and didn't *really* turn in his paperwork or whatever so even though his points were up..his name was not)...I'm very proud of him. The rest of his unit (company? Brigade?) is doing a 16 mile march to a big ol park in E-town tomorrow where families will be waiting and games and all of that will take place. I don't think we're going because he doesn't have to do the march..and it seems like cheating if we showed up anyway without him doing the whole 16 miles thing. I'm pretty sure we're busy all day tomorrow anyway..just like we've been too busy for anything the past few weeks. However, I believe we're going to Johnson's going away party tomorrow night? Bowling with them and a few others over the weekend? I'm not sure. We'll see. Busy busy!

I need to go feed the chillins and then put my face on for those silly housing people.


Crystal said...

Ryan waited the entire 15 month deployment to pick up his E-5. When they finally sent him to the board and he was promotable they points went sky high! He is on his leave right now so they told him to check to see what the points are this month but they haven't updated it this month. Do you know what they are for July? Hopefully Ryan gets his too!

I can't believe you are going to Hawaii and not Lewis :(

YogaNana said...

First of all -- congratulations on your new color scheme! The green just makes me feel happy.

And second of all -- well, we're really excited for you, but you knew that. Pictures! There must be many many pictures! We're going to Live Hawaii through you. :o)