Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

I "surprised" (because can you surprise your husband with breakfast in bed when they can smell everything that's going on downstairs?) Orion with a super delicious breakfast in bed..the flowers are three because he's been a daddy for that many years (aww)..and he's been begging for a new travel coffee cup "I like the one in leather!" (of course you do.) (and the sticker isn't fully off because I just got my nails redone yesterday and my fingers are a little sore haha. Don't judge. It's not something I'd normally do.). The card was from the had animated monkeys swinging in trees..and all 3 of them are my it made sense.

He gets to super relax today. I have stuff hidden in the trunk..a new grill..charcoal..(I brought the meat in because ew) for a father's day barbecue later on. It'll be a good time.

Tomorrow's our anniversary..but I have a bad feeling about going I don't think I'm going to let him take me anywhere (I listen to my intuition. If something doesn't feel right..I don't do it. And being in the car tomorrow and driving far into Louisville..doesn't feel right.). But we're going to order in Chinese and probably do it. All day. No, that's a joke. I got him a super sexy new watch. He loses or breaks watches like you wouldn't believe (last year? For his birthday? He kept throwing down the hints about what watch he I bought it..sent it to Afghanistan and literally a week after he got fell off his wrist and a big truck ran it over. Nice. He got another one and when we went to Arizona and were loading the kids into the rental car at a super early hour and we were both snagged on a car seat and broke. A few years ago for Christmas I bought him a watch from where I worked and we never went to go get it it sat in the car for the last 4 years and now the battery's dead. And I think it's covered in his spilled coffee. On and on..). So THIS time..I paid way more than I ever have for a watch for him..and I'm taking it in tomorrow to be sized. If he breaks it...if he loses it..that's it. No more watches. He got me one, too..but I picked it it's not really a surprise.

Anyway..happy papa's day to all of you menions out there who have little (or big) offspring..or are expecting a baby in the near future. Kick up your feet..relax..and let the little woman do all of the work.


chelsea said...

You are correct, everytime I've wanted to do that for Kevin he smells it and runs it never ends up a breakfast in bed thing....Happy Father's day Orion...!!

Jenna Consolo said...

Great pic, Abs! You do treat your man nicely! I hope his Father's Day was wonderful.

YogaNana said...

Ah, another cute picture of another cute son-in-law!