Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guess who's on the phone with poison control? Yeah..it's me.

5 1/2 hours later...

Okay, so this is how it went down. I'm downstairs cleaning stuff out of the hall closet and random drawers and cupboards that I don't want following us to Hawaii. The kids went upstairs to play in their room like they do 10,000 times a day. My bedroom door was shut..the bathroom door was shut. I'm listening to the monitor letting me know they're okay or if they're in trouble. I'm digging through the hallway closet and I realize it's fairly quiet upstairs. "Calix?" nothing. I go upstairs to check on them..and they're not in their bedroom. My bedroom door is still closed but I open it..and there they are. Sitting on the floor next to my side of the bed shoving my depression/headache meds back into their bottle. I scream out of panic..check their mouths for pills and scurry them out of the room while I pick all of the pills up and try to determine whether any of them are missing and/or if they've maybe ingested some. One gelcap is broken open and the medicine inside is scattered all over the inside of the bottle. A few of them are stuck together as if they were wet. I call Orion and he suggests I call poison control just in case. I call them and she asks how many I had in the bottle originally..30. She asks how many are there now..13 1/2..but I've been taking these pills for a while and it's not a constant thing so I don't know if ANY are missing except for that bottom half of the open one. She does a little research and tells me to take them both to the emergency room and that she's called them and they're expecting me. Great.

Orion rushes home..we pack the kids into the car and off we go. I run them both in myself while O parks and doctors are waiting at the door for me. Weigh them..get their temperatures..and head right back to the room where they mix up some charcoal with some Pepsi and have both kids drink it down. Poor Maddox has never (as far as I know) had soda in his whole life and here he is being forced to down Pepsi..all bubbly and what not. They didn't think they'd ingested any of it..but it's always better to be safe than sorry. They told me Social Services would need to speak with me..and ya know..that broke my heart. I started tearing up because screw you, I know WAY worse parents than me..go visit them instead. But I know it's part of how things are done..so bring it on. Two women came down and spoke with us for about 20 minutes and didn't seem worried at all about a friggin slip up on my end because I don't normally keep my meds on my nightstand but I did last night so I would remember to take one before I fell asleep. I didn't know today would be the day the kids would decide to be disobedient and go into mommy's room without her.

Because the children didn't actually ingest anything..they just gave us a warning..one of those "be careful where you put your medications" and we signed papers and headed home. They'd mentioned that the MPs (military police) and someone from ACS (army community service) would maybe swing by later to do a walk through our house to make sure it was child safe (and it is)..but no one's showed up yet..so I guess we'll see if they do at all.

It's been a fairly draining day so far..let's see if it can end on a nicer note.


Jenna Consolo said...

Oh, Abby, that's awful. As if you didn't feel bad enough they make you talk to CPS? Horrible. Cause all the bad parents ruin it for those of us normal ones. So glad the boys are okay though! Take a nap!

Hilary said...

How scary!!! I'm glad they're ok and I hope they don't come inspect your house. That's just silly. A bad parent wouldn't have brought their kids into the ER. Pardon my French, but shit happens. It's not as if you handed them the bottle to play with!

So what does this "warning" mean? If Calix falls and scrapes his knee they're going to investigate you again? What a load of crap. There are parents who abuse and neglect their children, yet they wasted their time issuing a warning.

I understand that they needed to talk to you about what happened, but f'reals? issuing a warning?! and to notify everyone and their cousin about it?! Grr that makes me so mad.

But the bottom line is that the babies are ok, and we know without a doubt that you're an awesome mother. ((big hug))

YogaNana said...

So glad everyone's okay! Well, let's see here ...

When Ethan was 2 he jammed a pencil up his nose and got a nosebleed we thought would never stop. Around the same time he got into his father's aftershave and drank it -- I called poison control and they said it would just make him drunk for awhile. He spun slowly backwards with his head back, looking at the ceiling, singing to himself.

At about 2 Josiah also ingested something and we went through the same drill. Josiah also sliced his leg open, exposing the bone, when he fell into a broken baseboard heater in a third story room we didn't use. (Huge house. Lucky-break rental. Cheap.)

Then there was the time you refused to stand up and I got your hand and tried to drag you to your feet (because I was pregnant with Noah and couldn't bend down to lift you) and I dislocated your shoulder. We went to the hospital in an ambulance.

I've been questioned about abuse, and I don't think I ever abused anybody. Certainly never thought so.

And when I was 8 months along with Jonah and had pneumonia and had coughed til I had broken all the blood vessels on the underside of my stomach and finally went to the hospital -- well, the doctor got me alone and wanted to know if my husband was beating me.

You know, a lot of stuff goes on. Better to check when they don't really need to than to let it go when they should have checked.

Jenna Consolo said...

Mom, in my search for the missing Chagall information in my journals, I just got done reading all my daily entries of that time you were hospitalized from all that coughing. Weird that you write about it today too.

Sarah said...

Wow, Abby! That is something that I've always dreaded...the day I'd have to call poison control. In the 9 years that we've had kids though, I don't think we ever have. I probably call my mom if anything. (She seems to have all the answers.) And then I take her suggestion on whether of not to head to the ER or Dr. or wherever. Camden drank some of Josiah's cologne a few years back, but puked it up as quickly as we realized it was inside of him.

So glad everything turned out ok!

chelsea said...

I'm very sorry to hear that, that is such scary buisness...glad they are ok though. No harm...you gotta realize though the type of people that they have around here, and why they are so careful when things happen...to many bad people in the world, and it just sucks that the good parents get the same treatment.

Jenna Consolo said...

Well, it feels so Irish around here! Love it!