Monday, June 30, 2008


In response to Jenna's question..why didn't I post a picture of what I did yesterday? Or ya know..whatever. Because it seemed like something silly to put up..and also because I took a quick picture with my phone and it blurred a little and flashed me with too much light. But...ya want it? Here ya go:

It was my first time playing around with them..and I'll need to experiment more..but whateva..I liked it.


Saint Holiday said...

You are so beautiful. It's difficult to believe that I had anything to do with that. Probably not; my genes are handsome genes and not beautiful genes. That Orion of yours is a very fortunate young man. Does he know? So, you're going to Hawaii. Watch out for the cyclones, tsunamis, typhoons, volcanos and sunburn. And I hear the natives are a bit restless. Take care of yourself, because I love you.
The Old One

Jenna Consolo said...

oooooh la la! So pretty! I wonder if my hair is long enough to do something like that! Love it, Abs! You are so dang photogenic! (and don't you love Dad's little boy picture? I LOVE it! A little guy with a cowlick and a bow tie!)

chelsea said...

that is awesome, what rollers did you get, that made that big of curls? cuz those are great

hilary said...

vavavooooom! you look fantastic!