Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yay Arizona!

I meant to tan all week. I haven't. Maybe I'll sneak a session in today. I also meant to work out all week. I haven't. I think I've gained a few. Whatever. I did, however, go get my nails filled in and a pedicure (I think I have bruises from their massaging chair).

I haven't started packing at all. The most I've done is squirt products into little 3oz containers and pack up the playpen. It'll take me 15 minutes tops to get everything I'm not too worried.

Maddox is growing in another 8 teeth so he's been pretty fussy lately. Don't hold it against him. He mostly just loves. Calix can't stop talking about the airplane we'll be getting on in under 12 hours. He's going to be so thrilled to have all of these other kids to play with (horray for huge families!)!

Orion's out right now doing a 5 mile ruck march..he'll probably be a tad sore tomorrow. He also finally made points to be promoted! The ceremony is in a week or so, I think..and then he'll *finally* be a sergeant. It's a little more than well deserved, I think...but I'm partial.

Anyway, I'll see the fam tomorrow (minus Amanda cause I'm totally staying with her)! And I'll see the rest of you lovelies when we get back!

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