Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2 Days till Arizona!! Wooo!!!

Well, that backfired.

Calix's new thing to do/torture me with in the morning is as soon as he opens his eyes, he jumps out of bed and runs into my room and then climbs into bed and stares at me until I get so creeped out I get up. Sometimes he brings a toy in or something and entertains himself while I slowly wake up..but these have been some of the worst ways I've woken up...ever. Who wants to cover their face with their blankets and be all "eww..get out of here..you're being so creepy" to their 2 year old? I mean it, too. He sits at the foot of my bed staring and breathing all sniffley until I get up.

I asked Orion to lock our bedroom door this morning when he left. Maybe he would go back to bed, I hoped. Nah..no such luck. This morning he tripped over a toy or something and then came weepy eyed and all hurt-footed to my room where he tried the knob and it wouldn't open. He pounded on the door and screamed. Great..I can't just tell him to go back to bed or go play in his room because he just hurt himself. The screaming also woke Maddox up. Extra great. So..up I got with my stinging because I'm so tired eyes. My days need to stop starting this early. It's too painful.

I could add something mortifying..like a few days ago when my dress blew up in the Walmart parking lot and I flashed more people than I'd ever like. One woman who was with her children looked and gasped. Literally. I walked by and said "sorry about the show.." because it's not like I go places and say "ya know..today..I'd like to show as many people as I can..and also have it caught on their parking lot cameras..what's underneath my dress.". Sure, I was wearing underpants. Booty shorts, even. But add a lot of sunlight and have them happen to be white and you might as well be stark naked. It was terribly embarrassing.

I need to go feed the monsters who just drove in here with their trucks. Hey, Calix..maybe if you ate your dinner ever..you wouldn't have such a growly tummy and need to wake up so early. Think it over.


chelsea said...

That sucks hun, so sorry...wish that little turd didn't climb the gate...was nice that it used to work on Donovan when he was little. Just try new things...maybe put him to bed an hour early or you just head to bed an hour early or something..hun I don't know..my ass will be going to bed early now...don't wanna..and so far it didn't work, was in bed at 10pm last night but didn't fall asleep till about midnight...driving me nuts.

Jenna Consolo said...

Man, I hear you! I hate being woken up by kids PERIOD. Let ME wake up, and then YOU'RE invited to open your eyes! It kinda ruins the whole day, doesn't it? Or at least gets it off to a very grumbly start.

Sorry to laugh about the dress in the parking lot thing. The gasping woman and everything. It sounds horrifying for you, but funny too. You crack me up the way you tell a story. I can't wait to see you!

Sarah said...

Too funny! I mean, since it wasn't me putting on shows for people in the Walmart parking lot...I can assume had it been, I'd be mortified!

We have a couple game accounts, 1 being toontown online, that my kids (the boys) come in at 5:45 waking me up, asking for passwords and stuff so they can play. It's crazy, the moment the sun starts coming in the windows, they're like..."YAY! Lets go wake up mom and see if she won't yell at us this morning the way she did yesterday!!" I think I need to put blankets over the windows at night, so that the kids will wait to wake up til a decent hour!

YogaNana said...

I have a cat who does exactly the same thing -- jumps up on the bed by my face and then stares at me til I wake up. It's Neo, with the sinus problens, so he also breathes loud. May or may not be creepier than having a kid do the same thing.

I can't believe we'll be seeing everybody in a couple of days!