Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had a heck of a time. Both good and bad. They lost our luggage on the way home (it was *just* delivered, actually)..we were trapped in the long term parking lot for over an hour (Hertz took $180 more than they were supposed to and it wasn't back in our account by the time they swore up and down it would be so there we sat knowing we had a couple of bucks on us...until mom rescued us. Oy..thank goodness for mama.)..and then just when you think you couldn't possibly go through anymore crap from a weekend, you get your car searched when you pull up on post with 2 screaming children at 2 in the morning only to find out you can't find the registration to the car because it needed to be copied after Orion got home and he swears he put it in the glove box..but if it's in the glove box where is it??? Then they tell you it doesn't cost much to register your car and dee dee dee, I know because I DID IT IN NOVEMBER, jerkfaces. Anyway. We're home. Orion found the registration..in the glove box, sure..but it slipped down a crack or something..I don't know. Our luggage finally arrived and now we're just waiting for Hertz to actually put money back into our account so I can feel normal again.

There was a bit of fighting among siblings at the reunion for various reasons..but they all got resolved and I don't think anyone left with a heavy heart. It's hard to all be grown up and different and have our own lives but still want to be so close and have everything in common with everyone still. It doesn't work that way. Especially when you see the family as a whole (or mostly whole) every 13 years or so (literally the last time we were all in the same room was Christmas of 1994..except this time we were all there minus 1 sibling). People change. They have their own ideas on how life should be. What works for some won't work for the others. But regardless of what happened..I think we all still managed to have a great time. The problem in our family is that we all love one another too much. Trust me..it makes sense.

I, again, didn't take too many pictures..but I did still end up with some. Click to make them bigger, of course.

Dave (Amanda's guy), Noah (one of my brothers) and Maddox (if you don't know who he is, you should probably stop reading my blog), Hannah (making a goofy face..she's also one of my sisters), Orion (the hubs), and a very flashy half Aiden (one of my nephews..Jenna's son).

Lyndsay (my niece who's oh so gorgeous and needs to stop growing up already..Jenna's daughter)

Jonah (another brother..same mother teehee)

Micah (brother) and his son Madden


Let's see if I can do this..okay.. part of Kaiti (Micah's wife) holding Madden while talking to Jenna (sister) with Micah swimming behind them and Jonah standing nearby..then me talking to Dave and Amanda (sister)..with part of Dylan (nephew..Jenna's son) off to the side.


Orion and Calix


Bella (niece..Hannah's daughter)

Miss Bella Mae again

Mikayla (niece..Amanda's daughter) and Ash (nephew..Hannah's son) behind her.

Okay..Ash, Rylie (niece..Josiah's daughter), Aiden, Camden (nephew..Josiah's son), Trenton (nephew..Josiah's son), and Dylan

Oh good golly..here we go. This? Is my entire family minus Ethan..his son and his wife. Ready?
Jonah (brother), Noah (brother), Mom (mom), David (her boyfriend and also my children's gramps), Sarah (sister in law), Josiah (brother), Alyssa (niece), Rylie (niece), Trenton (nephew), Camden (nephew), Hannah (sister), Mike (brother in law), Bella (niece), Ash (nephew), Me (me), Maddox (my son), Calix (my son), Orion (my husband), Dave (might as well be brother in law), Amanda (sister), Mikayla (niece), Adam (brother in law), Adam's camera, Kaiti (sister in law), Madden (nephew), McKenzee (niece), Micah (brother), Jenna (sister), Conor (nephew), Dylan (nephew), Lyndsay (niece), Aiden (nephew).

PHEW!!! Now you know everyone. Almost.

Kaiti, Micah, and Madden

That's teamwork

Awwww little Madden!


Maddox, Sophie, Camden, Trenton, Amanda, Mom, Kaiti, Me, David, Sarah, Loren, and Calix.

Amanda, Mom, Kaiti, Me, David, and Sarah

Micah and Josiah

Rylie and Adam


Overwhelming? Nah..it's the fam!


YogaNana said...

Oh, boy, now I can take some of your pictures to add to my own collection! Hopefully others will contribute even more!

Jenna Consolo said...

Great pics! It WAS fun, despite anything negative that happened. I am so glad we got to have that time together. And I love you!