Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good luck!

I mean to tell him I love him..but all that keeps coming out is "good luck" because I'm totally PMSing *that* hard. He's like "good luck with what??" "with're gonna need it. Good luck." He's all "nooo!!! It's too soon for this!" "nope. Check the pills. Good luck."

Ah hahahaha!!

I'm off to take the kids to the hospital to get them checked out for some kind of special-ness before we move overseas. Gotta make sure they're not autistic or whatever else.

After that..I have to go to E-town to the friggin dentist for a friggin cleaning and a new game plan. Maybe I'll tell him "good luck" too.


chelsea said...

hahahah oh i know how that pmsing goes. reminded poor kevin last night of menopaus and he said he'll make sure to go on a long trip till its over....hahahahaha....oh our poor constant pmsing hasn't stopped so come on with the flushing of the depo...soon i hope

Hilary said...

whaaaat? no babies yet? Oy vey. lol jk

<3 you!