Monday, May 12, 2008

Mama's Day and a lil somethin extra

Mother's Day was fantastic in these parts. I got to sleep in and wake to breakfast in bed featuring the *best* French toast I've ever had in my entire life. Orion took care of the babies while I passed in and out of consciousness..because I could. He cleaned the house..he did all of the laundry AND put it away! I finally went downstairs to roses and a Mother's Day card on the table and after reading the card was told to be ready by 3:30 because I had an appointment for a manicure and pedicure (I later opted out of the pedicure and am waiting instead until before we leave for Arizona so it's fresher haha)..we picked up pizza on the way home and after Orion gave the kids baths and put them down for the night, he came downstairs and gave me a full body massage before finally retiring to the bedroom for the night.

I know. Best. Husband. Ever. He's already making "better" plans for next year because he feels like it just wasn't good enough. Golly gosh..and this year Father's Day is the day before our anniversary. Skunked again! Haha..gonna have to come up with something extra special for the man.

In other news..guess who decided to finally start walking on Saturday? Maddox..that's who! I have a bunch of videos from my cellphone and from the camera because ya know..YAY!!!! FINALLY!! And today he's walking around like he's been doing it all along. Barely crawled at all. He warms his mama's heart like whoah.



chelsea said...

That is so cute....i'm so proud of him, he finally found that courage he'd been looking for...yay!!! Maddox. Now him and Bri will have to take long walks Glad you had such a wonderful mothers day...can't wait to see those nails...

Hilary said...

Way to go Maddox!!!!

And it sounds like you had an awesome Mother's Day! I'm jealous! At least next year I'll have my little man to celebrate with lol

Jenna Consolo said...

I think Orion deserves the Best Husband Ever Award, and he should teach classes.