Thursday, May 15, 2008

1 week till Arizona!

All I'm going to say about the dentist I saw yesterday Just *no*. I want my old one back. I want a dentist who doesn't smoke. I want a dentist who doesn't leave me in a room by myself for an hour to stare out the window and near fall asleep., I don't think I'm reaching for the stars here..I want someone who won't make me cry.

As for the little guys? Tested they got. All kinds of making them do tricks. Orion and I wanted to punch the lady a few times because of the way she was talking to our kids and then she'd sigh and shake her head so we thought they'd SURELY fail and oh my gosshhhh they're autistic! But the end, she said they're both very bright and are doing everything they should be doing for their ages..however, Calix could use some articulation. I know. He's a cool little guy..just lacks some articulation. I won't hold it against him. Most little boys sound strange anyway, I've noticed. So..I have to make a call and take him in for that whole thing. Good times.

What else..what else..oh, I bought a swimsuit yesterday. It's pretty much as mommy as you can get, I think. It's more of a swim dress than a suit..hahaha. Look..all of my siblings and nieces and nephews do NOT need to see what the stork saw..but at the same time, I wanted to get in the water with my gave in and bought one. Oy. I wish I found one more 50's inspired though..that would have been sexy. Mmmm..50's...mmmmm.

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chelsea said...

Yeah all I can say about that dumb fuck of a dentist is NO as well....I wanna find him and show him a thing or two for making you cry...that's just not right. About the kids....that just is cool...sorry the lady was such a bitch but glad they are good. Don't worry about the way he sounds to much...shit mine still sound off...and they are about 7 and 5, so no worries...cuz look at it this way once puberty hits you'll be wishing for cute little voice You have to HAVE to show me the bathing suit...I never did see your old one either come to think of it...but dude we can model ours together...cuz you know...we're to sexy for our shirts...ah haha