Sunday, March 23, 2008

I have no titles anymore because the countdown is over and I am tired and unoriginal like that.

When we arrived at the gym yesterday, we noticed a parked car smoking a lil bit. Someone was running outside and I stopped to see if we needed to call 911 for him and he'd said no and that they were just called. I parked pretty much as faraway as possible.

Inside, everyone was taking a break from their workout to stand at the doors and check out the happenings. No one who was in the building owned the car apparently..but here it was actually catching fire. Orion got a pretty good video of the whole thing..I only managed to snap a couple of half-hearted pictures.

How would you feel when you came back to pick up your car and the hood was flipped open all violent like and the thing was just charred? I would call that a bad day, wouldn't you?

We're off to see if The Bunny left anything for the menions! I don't knowwwww..someone didn't eat their dinner last night and The Bunny had to make a tough decision. Guess we'll see what he/she (always seemed like more of a female thing to do..ya know..baskets..) decided in just a minuteeee. Also..I can't wait till the baskets can be hidden. My dad always got such pleasure out of crying children who couldn't find their baskets (one time..Amanda's was hanging on the light in the upstairs hallway and no one could find it..until I looked up.). Ah, childhood.

Also..I guess we're doing a small egg hunt inside after nap time...because it's supposed to rain or something silly like that. I do not remember there ever being rain during my entire Easter egg hunt filled childhood. Maybe I've blocked them out or something..but my Easter memories were always (for the most part) pretty sunny.

Also..we're renting a minivan next week (what with the kids, gear, and luggage..I figure we'll need one) and heading down to Florida to visit Orion's mother and do the Disney World thing. Yay for vacations!


chelsea said...

That is so crazy, talk about a bad day for someone...don't know why on earth someone would just leave their car parked there....HAPPY EASTER!!! hope you had a good one..we are so far...ham is cooking right now...mmmmmmmmm

Sarah said...

I found a little note not too long ago, stuffed away in my hope chest w/Josiah's stuff that was given to him when we got married, that he had written to the Easter bunny one Easter when he couldn't find his basket. (now I have to go find it so I can let you know what it said...)

"Dear Lunatic Homoeidahlskitzofrantic (the writing of that word was a little sloppy, so I may have gotten some letters wrong) compulsive liar politician rabbit,
I'm sorry for doubting your hiding abilities. You are the lord High rabbit. Please tell me where to find my @#%$@ basket.

It was from Easter 1991. I got a good laugh out of it when I came across it. And since you mentioned the hiding of the baskets, I couldn't not share it!

Abby said...


Hahahahahahahah!!! I was talking to Orion earlier about the madness that was Easter morning in our house as kids. We'd be like "are they outside?" and dad would be like "I guess you need to go check!" or we'd be searching the garage..we'd crawl UNDER the porch (front and back and I think everyone will agree that the back porch was way scarier because it had a door) in our jammies and come inside to him cracking up because silly children..I wouldn't go outside to hide your baskets. And they'd end up being the dryer..dirty clothes baskets (ew)..and there was a time..maybe 2..when dad would be laughing in his maniacal way..with his bedroom door closed AND locked and a basket would be hiding IN his dresser. Crying children outside his door because everyone else had their baskets. I still laugh about all of that because hahaha..jerk.

Look, I loved my childhood and would never ask for it to be different. We got to do things SO many other kids didn't. There were NINE of us so no one was ever lonely, really..and ya know..just great times all around. When we all get together..we don't talk about how angry we are with one another..nono..we all talk about things that have happened and we all have a great time talking about them. Lots of laughter when the family gets together and I don't think that's anything anyone will deny.

Jenna Consolo said...

We love hiding the baskets still in VanSciver tradition. Last year Dylan was crying and we just laughed and laughed. Finally he discovered it on the roof, but then he cried and cried trying to figure out a way to get it down. And then he cried and cried trying to figure out how to get HIMSELF down. Dad would have been proud.