Thursday, March 20, 2008

Updates? Sure..

Awww..the menfolk!

I's lus waffles!

I was all "say cheese!" and he was all "pizza!!"

Oh yeah and..

It was raining and crappy and the balloons decided to fall and didn't even go back up until well after he was that made me sad. Don't you love the sign? Worst VanSciver ever! I wish I were artsy..but I remember originally doing that and being all "yeaahhhh..this looks gooodddd" But doesn't. HAHAHAHA.

Some things you didn't know..and maybe never will because I just don't feel like editing all of those videos I made of the homecoming yet:

I asked the news woman if she wanted me made her uncomfy..I laughed.
Maddox cried A LOT from the noise and from being generally tired. They cut all of that out.
The ceremony was longer than what they showed. I had to stand there and be tortured knowing my husband was standing RIGHT THERE and was smiling discreetly at me the whole time. He also smiled on the way in (which he wasn't supposed to do haha) because like the fan I am I was all "OE!!!!!!". Yeah. But they said a prayer (to which I was the only one to say "amen" to. old habits die hard, I guess) and then played the national anthem (to which I was not so quietly singing to..because it ended up on my video..) and then there was a small speech welcoming them home and and and..I near wet my pants just WAITING.

Someone also stole one of the flowers O brought for me. Isn't that sad? Jerks.

But this is all old news. He's home. We've been doing lots of cuddling and what not. The babies are totally warmed up to him again and Calix is back to doing window love with him when he leaves in the morning for "work". Maddox actually comes over to him and outstretches his arms to be picked up and that makes me extra smile because YAYYY!!! I thought getting them to know who he was was going to be so much harder than that! The first few days were a little weird for is this man giving me a stare down because I hit my mommy and am therefore in the corner? I like that he didn't jump right into the discipline..because well..they shouldn't, really. He watched. He watched how I did things. But it's getting to where he steps in a bit more like "excuse me?? You don't hit your mother!" kind of things.

And's just generally nice to have someone here..though I will admit I'm still getting used to another body in the bed. That moves. And snores from time to time.

Also..Hannah, I know you've gotten yours..but Jenna and Amanda..those things I sent you were actually supposed to be for Christmas..but I just never got around to sending..until O got home and we made one big post office run. case you were confused. Haha.

Back to the babies!


Anonymous said...

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Hilary said...

I thought the news lady said that the men get to stay home for 30 days and then they go back to training? Why does Orion have to leave for work every day? Or did I totally misunderstand that? (I've got a terrible case of pregnancy brain!)

I've been anxiously waiting for an update, so thank you for taking the time to check in :) I'm sure you have much better things to do lol

(btw, not sure if you've heard yet or not, but we're having a boy!)

YogaNana said...

Just more YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah! I am so happy for you guys. it's good to know you all are back together again. The boys must be so excited to have their papa home. love you sis. amanda

Jenna Consolo said...

Okay, I wrote a comment out, but then got an error message. Darn it. But love the gift! Thank you so much. It may be the most beautiful thing I own. You rock.

And so happy for you and your family!

Moody said...

I found you via your sister's blog...and really liked reading about your hubby's homecoming. I can't imagine how hard it must be raising two little ones while your husband is deployed and I can't imagine how fabulous it must be having him home!