Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Better late than never

Okay..okay..I'm trying to get my life back in order. I've been sick (still am), we've been planning our vacation, did the Easter thing, still getting used to another body in the house that has all of this STUFF that I have no idea where to put because the place it used to all go is now the there's STUFF EVERYWHERE. I feel very unorganized and it's driving me a lil crazy. I have rules of sorts, ya know. I like my days to go a certain way..and they just haven't been lately. Like..I've been to the gym once since he's been home because ya know..we only have 1 car. Sure I could get up extra early and drive him to work and then come home and get me and the kids ready to go..and then pick him up afterwards (plus his work days are so yesterday, he got home at 9:30am and went back at 1. 9:30 is the middle of my work doesn't work for me)..but ughhh that's more driving than I want to do. I haven't even gone tanning in 5 days. I'm going today. Sick or not..I'm GOING. The gym thing should pick up after tomorrow least for a few days..because tomorrow's his last day of work and then he gets a month at home. So I can hit the gym, Friday, Saturday, and Monday and then Tuesday through the following Tuesday, we'll be in Florida visiting his mother (I so don't even wanna get into THAT whole thing. Love her as much as I do..when you have a huge house that you always complain is too big and son..want to come visit..I ask them to stay with you, normally..or at least offer instead of allowing them to fork out many hundreds of dollars to stay in a freaking condo..and then invite yourself to stay in it when you have a PERFECTLY FINE house 45 minutes away. But I'm not getting into it because I'll just want to shake that woman when I see her.) and doing the Disney World and Sea World thing before heading back..and then..THEN I'll be able to do the gym every morning until he goes back to work..and even then it'll be a normal schedule so it could even work out then and then blah blah blah a month and a half later or so..we move. We move!

Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble..and that's not even half of the mother in law thing..but I'm not getting into it. Frustrating is all. Sure.

I didn't take many pictures at the BBQ for the company (mandatory..seriously. Hahah "you will come to our BBQ!!!!") but I liked this one of lil man.

What happens when daddy puts the kids to bed..they wake up in the same shirt they wore the day before and a diaper. Nice.

...I'm the one who put Maddox to that's why he's in actual jammies. ANYWAY..Easter morning..checkin out the loot The Bunny left.

What the heck is this?

I's gis it a lick just in case

ooo..I lus it!!!

making sure it was okay to eat candy before breakfast (holidays are the only time that's allowed in this house)

oh my gosh, it's so good!

daddy helping with some chocolate

Maddox totally reminded me of Max's Chocolate was ALL over his face and he's like "...what..?"

I swear Maddox has lil spirit friends. Those orb things? Are in just about every picture I've ever taken of that child..and he's always romping and acting like he's playing with someone..when no one's actually there. I think they were helping him with the egg hunt.

I's makes a find some!!


Mooommm!!! I's found eggsss!!!

A huge chocolatey "EEEE!!!"

The handsome lil man himself.


Hannah said...

Hahahaha I love the progession of a little lick, to sucking on it, to the blue being all over his little face.

By the way, when Mike puts Bella to sleep, she ends up in one of MY shirts to sleep in.

Sarah said...

We heart that episode of Max & Ruby! Well, we heart Max & Ruby no matter the episode, but that one is really great!

My kids slept in pj's everynight for a while. It gets to a point though that you don't really care what they are sleeping in, as long as they're asleep! :) Maybe it's just the more kids you have, the less amount of time you have to worry about things like that.

YogaNana said...

I see they figured out the basket and the egg hunt thing right away. Cute! Love to see it all!

On the jammie thing -- we did that for quite awhile, dear little footed sleepers and Incredible Hulk pajamas and Strawberry Shortcake nightgowns. Eventually I just gave up and let everyone sleep in unclaimed Little League t-shirts a few sizes too big because they were free and pajamas weren't. Worked okay.

Can't wait for the Disney World/Sea World pics.

Jenna Consolo said...

So cute! Sorry about the MIL mess. I hate those.